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SQL Azure Solutions

SQL Azure is a relational cloud-based database service which is developed on SQL server technologies. It offers a multi-tenant, highly scalable database service hosted in the cloud by Microsoft. It helps in deploying and provisioning multiple databases. It has inbuilt fault tolerance and high availability which relieve the developers from installing, patching and setting up the software. Cygnet Infotech offers reliable Microsoft SQL Azure services that can be used for better management of your database.


  • Power hybrid applications:  It is accessible from applications hosted on-premise as well as in Windows Azure. Data can be easily shared across SQL server databases, SQL database and also multiple databases with the help of data sync.
  • Build enterprise apps: SQL is good for various business applications like line of business or departmental solutions, transaction processing etc. It delivers cloud-dependent services with performance and reliability. It helps you in getting huge scale out especially for your connected databases when it is shared with SQL Federation. It offers reliable access to data with known control mechanisms.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced cost
  • Unlimited automated scaling
  • Automatic failover
  • Business Ready SLA
  • Multi-tenant
  • Self regulated
  • Low friction provisioning

We, being experts in cloud computing application development, understand your requirements and identify opportunities and utilize cloud computing to improve services, increase income, preserve capital, lower expenses and operational risks. We aid you in identifying, planning and evaluating realistic cloud options irrespective of being private or public.

Our services:

  • We have an unbiased approach towards selecting the best cloud program for you
  • We evaluate the risks of shifting the applications and data outside your company
  • We evaluate different cloud programs for you
  • We help you learn the best way to test cloud in your company
  • We help you achieve greater levels of nimbleness in the company
  • We develop scalable, custom web applications which are required for small or big businesses
  • We build corporate  departmental applications
  • We create packaged line-of-business applications which appeal to custom developers and SAAS  ISVS
  • We integrate multiple data sources in the Cloud and secure access from multiple locations, devices and desktops.

Are you looking to build applications on large and shared data sets, provide scalable data storage and augment on-site data infrastructure at a low cost? We will help you in this endeavor with our SQL Azure consultation and implementation services.

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