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Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

Cygnet's SQL Server Solutions comprise of a skilled team of developers and professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in developing, planning and enforcing SQL server for your organization. Our team is committed to offering the best and most innovative consultancy services specifically designed to fulfill your unique business requirements, determine your primary concern areas, resolve your most crucial priorities and enlist additional steps for consideration and design.

We have an enviable experience of working with media organizations and reigning investment banks on one hand and prestigious public sector clients and small-sized software companies on the other. We are there for you if you require a short run resource for performance tuning or a team to conduct migration or an architect to plan your solution. We will be guiding you to solve even the most complex situations and crises.

Our SQL Server Solutions encompass the following three aspects:

SQL Server Analytics

Your company can get a comprehensive view of its performance and data with the help of a suitable business intelligence solution which facilitates seamless integration of data from various assorted data sources. Our Analytics Solutions can not only analyze financial, operational or sales performance data for your enterprise but also decrease operating costs and increase revenue opportunities prominently. We have a skilled team of technical experts which can implement your data mining or business intelligence solution seamlessly into your organization thereby enabling you to make better organizational decisions.

SQL Server Performance Tuning

As an IT manager and professional, you can be faced with a number of issues related to the performance of SQL server including deadlocks, slow queries, incorrect indexes, poor query performance, CPU bottlenecks, disk queuing, memory allocation issues, blocking and locking and wearisome configurations. These can hamper productivity and escalate costs significantly.

Our server performance tuning experts can come to your rescue by determining the root cause of the issue whether it is in the database design, server configuration, hard drive layout or indexes. We can facilitate faster transactions thereby increasing productivity and scalability. We also make full utilization and capacity extension of the current hardware thereby ensuring a considerable Return on Investment.  

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting is a highly scalable, comprehensive solution that facilitates immediate decision making across an enterprise with the help of pixel-perfect reports that are created, managed and delivered perfectly on time. With its help, data can be viewed in innovative ways and intricate reporting needs can be addressed with the help of familiar tools. Armed with this solution, we can help you simplify the process of collaboration and sharing and accelerate the process of report creation with different formats and intuitive interfaces.

Whether you need a resource for SQL Server performance tuning or an expert to provide design and implement projects on SQL Azure, Cygnet can provide the expertise and guidance to ensure that even the most complex requirements are met.

Contact us now and allow us to serve you by providing our innovative SQL server solutions..

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