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Umbraco CMS Development

Umbraco is one of the finest, simplest and most hassle-free CMS platforms available for the .NET framework. It helps in achieving maximum flexibility and facilitates smooth web application creation and website development. Being a multilingual CMS, it enables you to not only publish great websites with multilingual capabilities or features but also build in your preferred language with the help of several multilingual back office tools. Cygnet Infotech offers expert Umbraco CMS solutions that are innovative and transparent on one hand and quality-rich and cost-effective on the other.

The importance of content management systems has increased manifold since it has become imperative in today's time to update and change website content regularly in order to survive in the highly-competitive web world. In such a scenario, Umbraco is a viable alternative because it is not only effective and powerful but also highly user-friendly and flexible. We boast of highly experienced developers who possess unmatched expertise in diverse aspects of this Umbraco CMS so as to augment your business growth online.

Our Umbraco services encompass:

  • Setup and installation
  • Website tuning and performance analysis
  • Website development
  • Website support contracts
  • Umbraco integration with supported databases
  • Migration from Joomla to Umbraco

Prominent Umbraco CMS Features Include:

  • WYSIWYG: You can easily edit content in the web editor which possesses a number of imaging tools through which resizing and quick production of graphics for headers can be done seamlessly.CSSis used for formatting.
  • Custom Content: It enables developers to create varied content types through the generic content architecture feature.
  • Localized Interface: It gives you the liberty to add additional languages with the help of the concerned XML language files. The culture setting facilitates automatic translation of system names and dates.
  • Extensibility: It is possible to customize any part of the user interface of the software along with adding new functionality by making use of the .NET language.
  • Tags and Templates: Umbraco content can be integrated following a simple approach of HTML templating using proper custom tags.

Umbraco has an easy-to-use and beautiful interface which makes the whole process of updating content extremely hassle-free. You can easily avoid cluttering with intricate wizards that cause interference in your work. Moreover, it boasts of a convenient notification system and non-invasive permission model that makes collaboration and create a cakewalk on the part of the user.

Our developers have extensive knowledge of Umbraco CMS Development and offer reliable services through which you can ensure significant cost reduction and elimination of additional expenses. They employ sufficient testing and QA measures to adhere to best quality standards of the software.

Therefore, if you are looking for Umbraco CMS development and consulting company as far as open source technology is concerned, we are your safest bet. 

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