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Windows Communication Foundation/ Windows Presentation Foundation

Graphical User Interface is a crucial part of any application and they have to be attractive so that it appeals to the users. It is here that Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) come to use. We offer excellent WCF and WPF services that take your business to newer heights of success by increasing sales and generating more profit.

WCF is designed to develop service-oriented applications which communicate across the enterprise and the web. It allows you to send asynchronous messages. These messages can be of a single character or a complex bunch of binary data.

The major features of WCF are:

  • Service orientation:  The benefit of these services is that they are loosely-coupled which allows application created on any platform to connect to any service as long as the important contracts are met.
  • Multiple message patterns: Messages can be exchanged in several ways the most popular being request and reply pattern. Other ways are the one-way message and the duplex exchange pattern.
  • Durable Messages: Such messages remain unharmed by any disturbance in the communication. Messages here are saved in a database.
  • Multiple Transports and Encodings: Messages can be sent over TCP named MSMQ. These can be converted into binary text which allows efficient sending of messages using MTOM standard.
  • Reliable and Queued Messages: Messages can be sent using WS-Reliable Messaging and MSMQ.
  • Interoperability: Modern industry standards are used for web service interoperability.
  • Service Metadata: It uses formats like SDL, XML Schema and WS-Policy for publishing metadata.
  • Security: SSL or WS-Secure Conversation is used to implement security.
  • AJAX and REST Support: It can be used to process plain XML data which is not in a SOAP envelope.

WPF is an improved presentation system that helps in making Windows application visually pleasing. It helps in creating browser hosted and standalone applications. Developed on vector-based rendering engine, it is supported by improved graphics hardware.

The main features of WPF are:

  • Controls: It deals with many UI components used in Windows application such as ListBox, Menu, Buton and Label.
  • Input: It offers an efficient API for gaining input from various devices like keyboard, mouse, stylus and touch.
  • Data binding: It offers a simple but stable way for applications to present and interact with data.
  • Security: It works with unrestricted permissions using ClickOnce, Windows Installer or XCopy
  • Graphics and multimedia: It offers support for animation, vector graphics, multimedia and content composition allowing developers to build attractive content and user interfaces.

Our services

We, being custom software developers, understand your unique business needs and cater to your requirements better as we have extensive experience in handling projects of different complexity and scope. We also make it a point to deliver our services on time. Our efficient developers develop attractive and interactive user interface. We are apt at creating a refined user experience on both WCF and WPF.

Get in touch with us for your WCF and/or WPF requirements.

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