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Windows Azure Solutions

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Its purpose is to meet the challenges CTOs and CIOs face in relation to the business and financial areas of a company. It allows an application to be developed and hosted both at the client site and in the cloud. It backs multiple languages like XML, PHP, SOAP, Java, REST and RUBY and also works in your present environment.

Developers can develop and run applications, store data, manage environments in Microsoft owned and managed servers. Cygnet Infotech offers the necessary computing services facilitated by Windows Azure to host, manage and scale web applications.


  • Cost control: It allows you to eliminate the expenses involved in maintenance, depreciation, computing infrastructure by using MS Data Centre expertise.
  • Quick growth: Windows Azure is designed to tackle expected and unexpected demands.
  • Adapting to demands: It enables you to scale up and down on demand thus letting you adjust well to altering market conditions. Utilization concerns can be tackled impeccably with better control.
  • Multiple services: It enables you to use services like SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, implement a custom development solution as well as migrating from your existing applications.

Our services:

  • We will be taking care of IT resources and infrastructure so that your expenses are reduced and return on investments are increased.
  • It enables you to migrate on-premise applications so that cloud services are delivered.
  • Expanding your business throughout the world in order to improve revenues.
  • Using the various opportunities around innovative business models which is based on the cloud platform
  • We manage technology and applications which support business functions at economic cost.
  • Improving the productivity of your business so that it can keep up with the increasing demand of the market.
  • Our efficient team of designers will plan your Azure application.
  • Our developers, architects and designers will deliver a proof of cloud-based application which will be deployed to the Azure cloud.
  • We offer training to your developers and architects so that they can improve their performance.
  • We offer post production launch support. This allows you to exploit the developmental and operational support for applications created and hosted by Azure.

As a Microsoft Partner, Cygnet has the right expertise and experience in Windows Azure platform to ensure seamless transition to a cloud computing environment. 

Contact us now to avail our windows azure solutions.

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