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Mobile Application Testing

Cygnet Infotech Mobile Web Application that runs on Blackberry, I Phone and Pocket PC browser using Dot Net Framework using Visual Studio 2008.


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  • Blackberry MDS service simulator, Blackberry simulator, Blackberry Smartphone Device simulator(version 8130)
  • USA


The client had hired the Application Development services provided by Cygnet Infotech to implement following features:

  • The client wanted a Mobile Web Application that could run on Blackberry, I Phone and Pocket PC browser enhancing its feature.
  • Additional features such as HTML support, Form authentication etc were also required by the client.
  • The client also wanted to provide a Mobile Calendar feature allowing Appointment listing feature.
  • Custom Paging functionality to reduce heavy data transfer
  • Use of mobile style sheet that apply on all mobile web pages
  • Accommodation of the dynamic changes in the application requirements

Knowing well the advantages of Testing and Quality Assurance services, we proposed the same to the client. The client agreed for demo sessions initially, satisfied by our professionalism and commitment the client opted for full time services.


Cygnet Infotech provided the mobile testing services using blackberry simulator (BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulators 4.1.4) Physical Device. We have done the functional, Regression on Emulator. We build a test suite and generated appropriate test logs for the same Bug Tracking tools were used to keep track of bugs and maintain a log for the same.

Last Stable build was Tested on Blackberry physical Device before final release


  • Assumed complete responsibility with accountability throughout the product development
  • Unique combination of expertise - Open source and mobile practice
  • Independent testing Services

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