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Expense Management application helps you manage your expenses and incomes right on your smartphone/tablet. It comes with a user-friendly interface that lets you record incomes and expenses across multiple categories in a fast and simple manner. The application also helps in keeping track of incomes and expenses by providing detailed reports of the incomes and expenses - (day, week, month, and year); as well as spending patterns giving a better control over your personal finances.


  • Facilitates categorizing expenses. Default categories include - Shopping, Transport, Multimedia, Health and Food
  • Facility to create New Category for recording expenses
  • Integrates Map to add the location where the expense has been incurred
  • Facilitates taking pictures of Bills/Receipt while recording expenses for future reference
  • Includes Search facility to search the records of the incomes and expenses with specific keywords
  • Displays date-wise history of expenses and incomes in a particular category
  • Allows exporting and mailing reports as PDF
  • Displays graphical Pie-charts with a complete breakup of expenses
  • Facility to customize the duration for viewing reports
  • Facility to Delete and Edit existing Income and Expense records
  • Includes Shortcuts to navigate to other menu items easily

Organize your budget and get better at managing your personal finance with this ideal Expense Management app.

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