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Mobile Development Frameworks

A mobile application development framework denotes a set of particular tools, resources and capabilities that together allow mobile apps to be conceived, developed and delivered successfully into production. Use of suchframeworkscan enable any project to better conform to best practices and set standards thereby facilitating faster deployment of applications and increase in business velocity.

The salient features of our mobile app development framework include:

Guidance documentation:  It is concerned with helping developers and project managers understand the difference between traditional and mobile applications.

Enabling capabilities: It comprises new infrastructure building blocks that allow connection of the mobile devices to the enterprise services as well as the applications that run on them thereby making full use of network resources.

Supporting resources: Access is provided to various resources and groups to assist in navigating the unique developing aspects for the mobile environment.

We are especially skilled in two leading frameworks - PhoneGap and Titanium.


It is an app framework that enables developers to useCSS, JavaScript and HTML for creating apps that have their individual icons and function in the same manner as native applications. Application stores like the Apple App Store and the Android Market distribute the apps which have access to a whole range of native functions so that they operate exactly like native applications.

Usually, different languages and frameworks are needed to build apps for each device including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and more. This problem is solved by PhoneGap by making use of web technologies based on standards for bridging mobile devices and web applications.

Since PhoneGap is an open-source framework, a common codebase can be built by developers for their applications. This enables the apps to work across different systems and devices.


Titanium is a cross-platform framework used for developing mobile apps on Android, iOS and other leading operating systems. It makes use of a unified JavaScript API, a combination of native performance and platform-specific features. It provides access to a higher and wider level of APIs, device-specific features and native UI. The same UI and components are offered by Titanium as are available to iOS and Android developers. The Titanium API can be extended to accommodate more core features and visual aspects to fit your application needs. Also, with Titanium, there is no need to learn platform-centric languages as comprehensive understanding of JavaScript is enough to develop native apps. Again, it offers an automated method by which your applications can be packaged and distributed to the respective application stores of the platform through an IDE known as Titanium Studio.

We are proficient in both these popular frameworksand can make effective use of them to build relevant apps for your enterprise. 

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