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PHP Intranet Development

The intranet is similar to internet, the only difference being that it is a restricted computer network created using World Wide Web software. Just like the internet, here too, you can access web pages, transfer files, send emails, chat etc.PHP Intranet Developmentcan be very effective in sharing information and data in a company.

If you are looking to build a new computer network or enhance an existing one, we are the people to approach. We offer you the most cost-efficient method of distributing the right information at the right time and to the right people. We develop customized solutions keeping your demands and requirements in mind. It is important for your intranet network to have access to new technologies. We ensure that it happens through our planning, implementation and maintenance of vital network resources necessary for your company.

The benefits of intranet applications are:

  • Better productivity: It helps users access information much faster and utilize applications pertinent to their responsibilities.
  • Cost effective: Users can access information via web browser. This eliminates the need to maintain physical documents such as procedure manuals, requisition forms, internal phone list etc.
  • Less wastage of time: Users can avail information on a "pull" basis rather than being lost in emails.
  • Better communication within an organization: It can be a very powerful tool of communication in a company both vertically and horizontally. Better communication leads to better collaboration and corporate culture.
  • Cross-platform capability: Web browsers support Java under Mac, Windows, Unix etc.
  • Offline working
  • Security and reliability
  • Customization

Our services include:

  • Invoicing and tracking order
  • Graphical reports
  • Management of time and work
  • Management of workflow
  • User forums
  • Management of eLearning
  • Developing customized applications
  • Developing customized ERP solutions
  • Warehousing and inventory

Our systematic approach helps you make the most out of your intranet facilities and services.  We make sure that our services quicken your process of information and data exchange within the company. We deliver safe, reliable and scalable PHP Intranet Development solutions. Our main aim is to improve your productivity and smooth the communication between your employees. 

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