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Project Management Methodology

Cygnet is an ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi Level 3 certified company. We have developed our project management methodology keeping in mind the quality and process best practices as advised under these international certifications.

At Cygnet, we place a great deal of importance on achieving the business goals of our clients. Each project is different in terms of requirements, deadlines, technologies, domains, geographies and resources working on it. Therefore, while it is important to adhere to standards, there should be scope for customizing the methodologies as per project demands.

We know that since the objective, nature and mode of each project is distinct, it is preferable as well as beneficial to adopt a unique methodology to accomplish them. At Cygnet, we first understand the project requirements and decide on the best approach to deliver that. At Cygnet, we are well-versed in a number of project management approaches including Iterative, V-Model and Agile methods like Scrum.

Agile Methodology

The Agile approach to project management promotes software development in short "time-boxed" iterations. It enables frequent delivery of working software with increased customer collaboration, and openly embraces evolving requirements throughout the software development life-cycle.

Scrum Methodology

The Scrum Methodology is one of the most popular methods of doing Agile Software Development. It is most useful to adopt Scrum when it is difficult to plan ahead. It relies on feedback loop mechanisms and organizing development into Sprints.

Iterative & Incremental Methodology

The Iterative and Incremental project management approach is a traditional method that follows a typical hierarchy of project development. Iterative methodology starts with project planning followed by requirement analysis, documentation, coding and testing and ends up with the execution. This approach is more suitable for large development efforts.

At Cygnet, we follow all the above mentioned methodology depending upon the requirements and aims of the project. We believe in accomplishing the project via such methodology that can benefit it the most. Sometimes, we even do not follow the entire methodology and pick only few core steps to accomplish the project in a better and efficient manner.

In short at Cygnet, we aim to pick an approach that conforms to the quality standards and that is best for the project at hand.

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