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As an offshore and nearshore application development partner for software development companies and enterprises, we place a great deal of importance on achieving our client’s application development goals. Hence, we have developed a standard yet dynamic development methodology which has been approved and certified under the international standards which includes ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi Level 3.

Our development methodology represents defined set of development techniques established through our years of experience in application lifecycle development and management. With this development methodology, we ensure our clients get their required solutions within the stipulated time and budget which can seamlessly align with their IT infrastructure spanning different applications, operating systems and hardware.

To ensure our ISVs and enterprise clients get the benefit of an optimized delivery cycle and development trends, we have combined this project methodology with well-known development approaches which includes Agile, Scrum and Iterative & Incremental model.

At Cygnet, we first understand the client’s requirements and select the approach that best fits our client’s deadlines and demands, providing required quality, innovation and flexibility in the project.


With Agile development approach to software development, we promote software development in short "time-boxed" iterations. This enables us to deliver frequent releases of software with increased customer collaboration whilst allowing us to evolve requirements throughout the software development life-cycle.



Scrum approach is one of the most popular methods of doing Agile Software Development. We use Scrum approach when the development requirements and plans are not available before-hand. This development approach relies on feedback loop mechanisms and organizing development into Sprints.


Iterative & Incremental

The Iterative and Incremental approach is a traditional method that follows a typical hierarchy of project development. We use this approach for large projects which require complete planning followed by requirement analysis, documentation, coding and testing and ends up with the execution.


With these project development methodologies and approaches, we facilitate our clients to leverage the best practices and technology for their application whilst moving ahead of traditional outsourcing.

Development Lifecycle

At Cygnet, we understand that Change is the only constant thing in this world. Keeping this in mind, we constantly evolve, adapt and enhance our development methodologies to meet the ever-changing technology trends and demands and help clients innovate and expand at a faster pace.