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Functional Testing

The present business scenario demands more dynamic and complex solutions within limited resources as well as lesser time. Our Functional Testing Services provide assurance to business software users and software vendors that their software is functionally correct. We start by assessing the objectives of your product or application and then chalk out a well-defined implementation plan that is in perfect alignment with functional testing objectives.

We provide our clients with a complete test package that begins from the stage of requirement in order to ensure lesser levels of defect. Our end-to-end services starting with preparing business requirement documents to providing end-to-end business scenarios expose the critical defects that your system might have. We approach our job from the perspective of a business user thereby ensuring that the system caters to all requirements of the users.

Our framework based services include:

  • User interface checks: 

    An operational test at this level is very important as it can bring out numerous defects that are not quite apparent in a source code review. Emphasis is laid on usability rather than the intricacies of the internal framework of the application.

  • Regression checks: 

    It first makes a functional improvement in the system and then indulges in software check. It thus checks the new alterations made in a program to ensure that it is compatible with the older one.

  • Negative checks: 

    Also known as "test to fail", this shows the circumstances in which the software may fail and the various ways in which it can be handled.

  • Compatibility checks:  

    Compatibility issues may crop up due to incompatibility between the software applications, operating systems and browsers in use. Compatibility testing helps here. It performs a routine check for all the new releases and versions of your application and product.

Our functional testing practice employs a quicker way of determining whether each functional need is applied in the code correctly. Functional checks translate functional needs into executable test cases that show how efficiently the code satisfies the needs at any given point in time. This, thus, reveals the requirement status in detail and helps eliminate possibilities of missing an implementation of functionality or doing it incorrectly. These mistakes can result in numerous rewrites, project failure and user dissatisfaction which you can comfortably avoid by using our services.

Our efficient functional testing services thus range from operational specification to managing and testing your system which ensures quality products at minimum software testing expenses.

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