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Managed Testing

Today, more and more businesses are incorporating modern technologies in their infrastructure thereby making the Information technology industry more burdensome. The complicated infrastructure and systems are required to support new services and products. All these involve errors that pose risks to the reputation as well as the finances of an organization. These risks should be avoided through proper checking. And it is this that the majority of companies finds hard to perform successfully.

The main factor that determines the success of a concern is the potential of employees to deliver performance. This is where Cygnet's Managed Testing Services come to use. We take full responsibility for your life cycle and final user testing. We employ key performance indicators and service level agreement to reflect your individual needs which may include automation, identification of defects etc.

Our services include:

  • Analyzing skills and business domain knowledge to streamline documentation.
  • We offer advice on optimal solution.
  • We hire consultants with wide experiences in testing in multiple sectors.
  • Our automated test schemes ensure better accuracy, coverage and also reduce your expenses.
  • We offer re-useable test delivery procedures.
  • We implement multiple software testing methodologies such as V-Model, Agile etc.
  • We advise on the optimal solution.

Our testing services focus on long term quality rather than short term cost effective features. Our expert team members use quality techniques, tools and processes to do the checking. We recommend working on your own premises; however, if expenses become a problem, we can offer a hybrid solution involving offshore and near shore testing.

Our services offer you planned, transparent and consistent improvement and best practices which let you focus on your main business. We implement new technologies more efficiently and quickly and the new releases more reliably in order to protect your reputation.

We work closely with our clients so that we can deliver the best and the appropriate services. We make sure to completely understand the project along with the budget involved. This detailed understanding helps us provide the right team for the right project which improves productivity.

Our managed testing services are cost-effective and emphasize on enhanced quality and on-time delivery.

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