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Microsoft .NET Application Testing

.NET framework aids in developing customized applications. .NET application testing helps in capturing the bugs and errors in the development of these .net applications.  It also assists in evaluating the efficiency of a .Net program in order to determine its performance level.

The testing of .Net software  can be done in various ways. It can be done either by automation or manual means in order to detect the errors and validate whether the developed software is capable enough to meet customer needs. Though software should meet the desired specifications, application deviations are permissible to a certain extent so that it does not affect the software performance.

Our professionals are seasoned enough to handle the expert domain of .NET application testing as well as other improved checking processes. We process skills, knowledge, tools and people in order to deliver projects within any development landscape. Our extensive experience has made us experts in customizing test approaches to minimize delivery risk, optimize methods of checking and to make sure that the test is designed efficiently according to your needs.

Our .Net software testing services ensure low risk and high quality. We use Microsoft Visual Studio suite of applications in order to provide you with a totally-integrated process of examining ranging from initial design, deployment, and production to support in the live surrounding.

We provide following testings for .Net applications:

  • Unit
  • Functional and non-functional
  • Integration
  • Dynamic as well as static
  • Stress
  • Automated
  • OS Compatibility
  • Regression


Our .Net application testing services include:

  • We integrate with the development team.
  • We identify the risks involved in delivery throughout the process of test and development as well as design testing.
  • We manage the build and configuration procedures.
  • We manage and facilitate the specification and examination of non-functional needs.
  • We help with the design and requirement specification procedures by facilitating workshops on reviews and conduct design and requirement checking as well.
  • We consult with business users to facilitate the acceptance checking phase of the service.


We are efficient in .NET application testing and development and perform outsourced .Net application checks on projects from various places. We possess the necessary technical expertise to implement a full software testing cycle.

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