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Mobile Testing

Mobile application development and a strategy for mobility for the enterprise is one of the top priorities of CIOs and technology managers in organizations. However, developing a business application has many challenges. Employees use different handsets and different form factors like phones, tablets, etc. You have to make sure it runs impeccably on different mobile devices and is devoid of any functional errors. It is here that Cygnet Infotech steps in with its superior and cost-effective mobile testing services. Our solutions ensure smooth functioning of your applications on varying devices with different screen sizes, internal hardware, resolutions, carriers and operating systems.

Mobile applications, in most cases, have the same robustness or agility as that of PC or desktop applications. In such a scenario, you need specialized services to facilitate seamless, prompt and reliable testing. We are adept at providing a plethora of mobile application testing services  including device certification, functionality testing and compatibility testing.

Our mobile app testing services extend to the following areas:

Handset application functionality: We ensure smooth running of your applications by testing them on countless real handsets and reducing product issues considerably. We also facilitate integration testing with different service providers.

Certification and Compatibility: We comply with all the prevalent rules in application testing and enjoy total certification. Also, we make sure your application, mobile or content website, is perfectly compatible with all devices.

Automated Regression: This helps in reducing your testing expenses and freeing up your Quality Analysts resources. We also make use of technology for performance of ongoing regression testing.

Scalability and Performance: This can assist you in eliminating bottlenecks and glitches, increasing your reach and delivering a flawless experience for customers. Scalability can be achieved in your system by identifying the source of traffic management from different mobile devices.

Compatibility and Usability: We apply interoperability among different applications that run on Smartphones as well as carriers with a view to providing a better customer experience and an increasing reach.  

Our mobile software testing methodology takes certain important characteristics into account which are in perfect alignment with the mobile paradigm. For instance, we objectively analyze the level of complexity that your project entails and accordingly set up a solution to address them. Again, we pay special significance to security and loading time issues since they are pressing concerns in wireless infrastructure.

We have a skilled team of mobile application testers who are not only well-versed with the mobile testing guidelines but also excels in the use and application of simulators and other mobile testing equipment. We also perform test optimization based on the mobile market it is poised to penetrate.

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