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Load Testing

With the growth of business, the load on its website, network infrastructure and web application also increases so much so that even high profile sites face performance troubles owing to the huge number of hits it faces. This eventually results in the loss of customers as well as money. Our Load testing services ensure that your business growth does not affect the performance of your website and the end user is satisfied.

This is basically a method of testing an application against heavy inputs or loads to determine the point at which the performance of the website degrades or fails.

Our effective services help expose the performance bottlenecks in order to make you aware of the issues before the launch of a new application or at busy times in a year. We also determine the performance issues in order to save you from unnecessary expenditures on a new bandwidth or hardware.

Our services include:

  • Identifying performance acceptance parameters: This is an important aspect of the development life cycle of the application and hence it should be made available to the whole team for the purpose of evaluation. The points to be considered are response time, maximum user load, output etc.
  • Output: We determine the number of successful transactions per second.
  • Response time: We determine the exact time that will be taken by the home page to be displayed.
  • Peak usage time: Some websites attract more users during a particular time of the day. We design the load tests keeping that fact in mind.
  • Internet speed: We take care of the performance of the website over different connection speeds like lease-line, modem etc.
  • Maximum user load: Our basic purpose, in this case, is to ascertain the maximum number of users capable of having access to the application at a particular hardware configuration.
  • Develop a workload model: We determine the features of key scenarios on the basis of key user group.
  • Identify key scenarios: We spot the most frequently executed scenarios and consider all possible scenarios.
  • We identify the target levels of load and metrics.
  • We run tests along with designing specific ones and also analyze results.

Our load testing services ensure that your website performs well all through so that you get more and more traffic.

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