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Stress Testing

Stress testing helps in determining the stability of an application or system's availability and reliability. It also determines bottlenecks under adverse conditions. Our effective stress test tools take care of adverse conditions such as limited computational resources, high concurrency, heavy loads etc.

Our team of professionals helps you in identifying the bugs related to timing and synchronization, priority conflicts, problems regarding interlocks, loss of resource etc. We aim at the proper functioning of your software under stress conditions.

How Do We Work?

Stress-tests generally comprise of three areas:

  • Performance: Under this, product statistics is determined.
  • Scenario: Here, the exact configuration required by the customer is recreated. This enables problems to be detected in a product before it is used by a customer.
  • Balancing workload: Under this, the software is deliberately strained with large workloads. This is done to determine its stability under stress.

We try to crash the system that is to be tested by either removing or trying up its resources. Our aim is to see how effectively the system recovers after it fails. We take care that the system does not crash or hang all of a sudden but saves its state and recovers after collapsing. We check if the failures are affecting the security of the system and if the error has been reported to the user.

An adverse environment is deliberately created and maintained in order to evaluate a system under a stress test. This adverse environment may include:

  • Hacking into an application with the purpose of spreading spam.
  • Stretching a system beyond its load limit by overloading it with various resource intensive applications.
  • Sending several useless emails to the server.

Our services include:

  • Smarter and faster testing: Our stress testing resources improve the quality of your application during its development cycle.
  • Quickly determining critical issues: This helps in accelerating your Time-to-Market by preventing any delays that may be caused by some problem generally found in the process at a later stage. Detecting and fixing bugs early involves lesser expenses and ensures better quality projects.

Our effective stress testing services help in finding troubles with web services which finally improve the efficiency of your software product.

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