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Performance Testing

Today's web and enterprise applications usually involve countless users simultaneously working with various user interfaces, computing environments and protocols. This can lead to reliability and scalability issues along with a dent in performance owing to which your company's profitability and productivity can be jeopardized significantly. Performance Testing (PT) deals with system stress, end-user performance and testing of application load with a view to targeting and solving functional defects in the initial stage of your product development lifecycle.

Cygnet's Peformance Testing Services are concerned with helping you manage and lessen the risk of installing mission-critical applications in your enterprise. We have a skilled team of consultants which is adept at comprehending systems, software and network architecture. Software systems are decomposed and recomposed by them to facilitate bottleneck exploitation. They work in collaboration with your developers to formulate effective checking and analyzing systems.

With the help of our services, you can easily decide the best methodology and approach for validation of software projects and skill checking. Moreover, the end-user experience can be evaluated under different traffic amounts and effects of different usage and load patterns on your system.

Our services also encompass:

  • Comprehensive understanding and analysis of infrastructure related to the application
  • Test planning, analysis of resource requirement and use case and definition of performance scenario
  • Creation of test data and setting up of test environment taking network behavior into account
  • Setting up of test monitors, their execution and analysis of results
  • Professional support in skill parameter tuning for web servers, database and OS servers and app servers
  • Performance test scenario automation with the help of relevant tools

Our certified professionals make use of some of the most advanced PT tools such as Load Runner, Webload, Silk Performer, OpenSTA, SOASTA, MSTTE and Grinder. The tools used for monitoring include HP Openview and BMC Patrol.

What Differentiates Us from Other Service Providers

  • Proprietary frameworks for accelerating the process and optimizing testing
  • Customized tools capable of performing scalability and stress load testing on all applications no matter what their architecture is
  • Extensive knowledge in high volume transaction systems, databases and associated technologies
  • Test and result repeatability
  • On-demand architects and analysts for improving product performance

Our performance testing services cover the entire gamut of testing including that of load, volume, stress, soak and scalability. We also enable profiling and reviewing of performance codes, system characterization and planning of capacities. 

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