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The rapid rise in competitive pressures has made Quality Assurance (QA) an absolute necessity in order to release high-availability, high-performance and high-quality software at reduced costs and quicker time-to-market. QA denotes monitoring of software engineering methods and processes with a view to ensuring quality. It not only includes testing of applications and systems under controlled conditions and result evaluation but also the resolution of identified problems and subsequent improvement of processes.

Our QA solutions include a wide range of testing services that encompass the entire spectrum of Software Development Life Cycle such as consulting and unit, integration, functional, system and acceptance testing. We have built strong, customizable and extensive test automation frameworks with the purpose of accelerating time-to-market.

No matter how complex your testing requirements are, we are capable of addressing them. Our services are aimed at:

  • Improving the quality and performance of your applications
  • Minimizing the test cycles with the help of effectual process planning
  • Integrating processes of development and Quality Assurance
  • Using a strong test automation framework tailored to meet your needs
  • Meeting capacity planning and application performance benchmark
  • Optimizing hardware profile and achieving system performance tuning
  • Customizing defect management system


We have a skilled QA team which is trained on high-tech methodologies and tools. Again, they have extensive experience in software testing that ranges from simple applications to intricate cross-platform software, embedded systems and software complexes. They can be credited with developing proprietary domain frameworks that help in reducing design time and ensuring optimum test coverage.

The salient features of our QA services include:

  • Strong and industry-specific expertise in testing
  • A range of flexible, cost-effective and well-defined delivery models
  • A sophisticated quality measurement system for the software product as well as testing process


In addition, we are also capable of serving as a verification resource for confirming the highest level of reliability in life-critical, mission-critical and other intricate software. We also offer individual quality evaluation of systems that have been developed by third parties.

Our QA solutions can help you gain a competitive edge in the market by reducing your time-to-market significantly. 

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