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Web Application Testing

Web application testing is concerned with evaluating the behavior of different interactive websites. It ranges from apps used as extranet and eCommerce services to sites that offer plain 'Contact Us' forms. We are experts in web application testing and are capable of examining any application that can be accessed through HTTPS or HTTP. We can easily identify attempt attacks that the conventional network firewall cannot give protection against.

The coding process of interactive eCommerce and extranet applications is both time-consuming and intricate. Though certain issues can be detected by automated tools, they cannot fully and reliably test a web application. For that, you need automated web application testing consultanting which is provided by us. We have a dedicated team of automated web application testing engineers and testers which has good knowledge and experience in different web application testing technologies.

Our skills include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of CSS, HTML, AJAX and Java scripting
  • Sound knowledge of web servers like Tomcat, Apache, etc
  • Experience in dealing with several bug tracking methods
  • Proficiency in STLC and SDLC
  • Knowledge of different platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • Test case driving skills from Use Cases and SRS
  • Sound knowledge of different databases such as SQL, My SQL, Oracle
  • Practical experience in tools of automation
  • Expertise in security vulnerability testing including those for XSS Attacks and SQL Injection

Preparing an effective bug report is one of the pre-requisites for ensuring security. Resolving a bug is dependent on the effectiveness with which your bug report is prepared. We can facilitate easy fixing of bugs by providing you with daily reports that can enable you to always stay updated about the progress of your project.

Our web application testing services cater to the following areas:

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Management of Account
  • Management of Session
  • CSRF or Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Encryption
  • Tampering of parameters
  • Stripping of meta characters
  • Script and SQL injection attacks
  • Manipulation of hidden fields
  • Vulnerabilities related to form posting and known software
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Character bounds and buffer overflow checks
  • Disclosure of source code
  • Code reviews
  • Unsafe default configuration settings and third-party mis-configurations
  • Disclosure of newsgroup information searches and query of technicians
  • Disclosure of past errors including Google diving
  • Forceful browsing
  • Debugging and back door options

Our web application testing services are all-inclusive and incorporate web application performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, load testing, stress testing, beta and smoke testing as well as  testing of user interface, cross browsing capabilities, W3C compliance, user acceptance, multi language support etc. 

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