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SAAS-based Dynamics CRM Solution for Managing Door Installation Orders

Developed a solution on Dynamics CRM that provides effective communication and improves collaboration among Customer Orders, Service Department, and Supplier in geographically dispersed locations.


Client is a leading Door Installation Provider & Consultant company which handled door installation orders received from enquiries by customers on email or via phone. Being an associate with one of the largest home improvement specialty retailer in US, company also processed orders assigned to it as a supplier partner with the retailer.

There was no standard platform while there were around 4 branch offices in different states of US to process order received from customers and its retailer. The company wanted to improve below areas:

  • Information related to customer management and order processing was not integrated and thus hard to locate. Company's customer service representatives often did not have easy access to all of the information available during customer calls.
  • In order to coordinate the process, the company used spreadsheets which were circulated to Sales Manager and relevant Project Consultant manually via email. In addition to manually performing the order assignment to task Sales Manager and Project Consultant, Client also manually entered order records into Door measurement application to process the order further to milling center. The error-prone process took a long time.
  • Streamlining between Suppliers and Installers was often non-unjustifiably expensive as all the follow-up activities of receiving materials from these Suppliers was done manually by the Service Department and it consumed large amount of time frame.


Equipped with diverse and practical features, Cygnet demonstrated Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM that suited Client decision to take a 'total solution' approach that provided complete customer relationship management and integrated administrative tasks between the company service department and account department.

MS CRM Dynamics through the Cloud eliminated the upfront costs & hassles about integration and deployment, as with the Cloud technologies you leverage the software-as-a-service (SAAS) subscription model. In addition, Cloud solution provides improved security and enabled every member of the organization instant internet mobility and access to their business data 24/7, no matter the location.

Key features implemented in the system were:

  • Automated Background service scheduled to run at regular interval automated the creation of creation Opportunity & Order creation in MS CRM for Customer's Orders received from Third-Party Retailer site.
  • Custom Workflow were implemented to assign the Order / Opportunity to relevant Project Consultant, Installer and Suppliers at appropriate time with authorized privileges and send an automated email notification to each User as his or her step in the process comes up.
  • Customer Service representatives and Sales Managers views activities & calendar to view door measurement and installation schedules which improved coordination and collaboration between sales and service team by tracking all the information in one central system.
  • Integration with external Supplier Portal and Door-measurement engineering applications with external Connectors.
  • Enables automatic email notification and Order assigning on respective external portal whenever any purchase order is released against them.
  • Lot of follow-up time was saved by Service Department as the shipment status of shipped items managed by Suppliers on their portal was automatically communicated to Central Service Department in CRM via external connector.
  • Automatic Closure of Order on the third party retailer site
  • Trigging of Order closure by Customer Service representatives initiates the background service developed by Cygnet to automatically closes the Order on the on the third party retailer site.
  • Integration with the QuickBooks managed administrative tasks between the company service department and account department.


  • Complete automation of the Business Processes that improved Customer Service and Satisfaction.
  • Automated workflow increases productivity & saved time
  • Workflow and Role-Based Security that restricted access to sensitive data and applicable to only those employees who need it
  • Adoption is Fast and Inexpensive due to Flexibility & Familiarity with familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office


  • Technology

    MS Dynamics CRM 4.0, MS .Net CRM SDK, MS SQL Server 2005, Ajax & JavaScript

  • Industry

    Engineering and Construction

  • Country


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