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Information Management System for Bid and Tender Processes

Built a Bid and Tender Management System on ASP.Net that allows storing information related to the complete bidding cycle

Developed Test Models using Dynamics CRM for Identifying Learning Disabilities

Developed Test Model solution using Dynamics CRM to assist institutions identify students with learning disabilities

Centralized Content Management & Collaboration Solution Built on SharePoint

Cygnet automated the huge process of digitizing data from physical documents for enterprises by platform integration and interface building

Migration from MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 to MS Dynamics CRM 2011 Online

Migrated system and solutions from MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 to 2011 online for a leading accounting solution provider

Database Synchronization on Cloud

Cygnet developed a Prototype of Database and Storage Synchronization Solution on Windows Azure for an Email Marketing Consultant

Multi-lingual Search Engine to Search Events using Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Developed a scalable system that provided ad management, event updating utility, search engine facility complete with workflow implemention

Document Content Management Portal on SharePoint for an Ireland-based Company

Developed a Document Content Management Portal on SharePoint for a private MNC providing engineering & construction services

Streamlined Room Reservation Process with A CRM-Based Centralized Room Reservation System

Centralized room reservation process reducing 50% time of updating databases and processing reservation requests saving 30% human resources

Messaging & Mailing Automation for over 50 Websites through a Centralized Processes

Developed a client-server communication to work with over 50 websites to send messages to users and get message status reports automatically

Increased Online Jewelry Store Sales By 67% Through End-To-End Ecommerce Solutions

Built an engaging online tool & order management module integrated with FedEx shipping driving online jewelry sales.

Mobile & Desktop Solution for Managing Inventory using .Net for a UK-based Logistics Company

Cygnet developed a web and mobile application for a logistics company to improve inventory control using SQL Server CE and .NET framework

SAAS-based Dynamics CRM Solution for Managing Door Installation Orders

Developed a solution on Dynamics CRM that provides effective communication and improves collaboration among various geographies.

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