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Cohesive Marketing Strategy & Implementation for Capturing Digital Leads – How Our Client Increased Lead Generation by 52% in 3 Months


An IT Services company approached us to help them streamline entire inbound marketing process and increase its marketing ROI. Cygnet implemented a wide range of tools, served a responsive web experience, built an integrated mobile app, and improved reporting & analytics to help our client increase marketing qualified leads by 52% in three months.

Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size
Country: USA
Domain: IT
Solution: Enterprise Content Management and Marketing
Methodology: Agile & Scrum
Integrations: GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, ShareThis, Intranet Portal, Dynamics CRM, Android and iPhone App
Add-ons: Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, CrazyEgg, Visual Website Optimizer, StatCounter

Client Profile

A mid-size IT services company operating globally, focusing on providing innovative software solutions to a wide range of industries. Leveraging a wide range of technologies and domain expertise, the company delivers solutions that empower product companies & mid-size enterprises to improve operational efficiency

Business Scenario

Our client wanted to make a transition from its traditional marketing process to a modern, precise, sales-driven practice & framework. To accomplish this, targeted digital marketing, efficient content & design updates, and reduced cost of website maintenance were essential. Working closely with the client’s team Cygnet identified the roadblocks: 

  • Brand messaging not in tune with company’s aspirations
  • Randomized marketing strategy driven by ad-hoc requirements
  • Inadequate user engagement resulting into high per-lead cost and low conversion rate
  • Website performance issues – slow loading, duplicate pages, no search, outdated CMS
  • No system for quantifying & reporting impact of marketing efforts

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet analyzed client’s current infrastructure and process, and outlined expected future outcomes. By providing an end-to-end web content marketing solution, Cygnet facilitated targeted and effective digital marketing, empowering the client to increase overall marketing efficiency. Our team took the following actions to achieve the goal: 

Building Smart UX

  • Streamlined operations to ensure that both sales and marketing teams combined inputs for marketing content and design 
  • Revamped website – new graphically-rich responsive website with content-first approach, plus developed an integrated mobile app
  • Worked with client to identify target audience and create Information Architecture for maximum engagement
  • Created design templates and targeted content for PPC landing pages and more than 25 key web pages

Planned and Prompt Implementation

  • Migrated website to upgraded CMS version & implemented custom functionalities for faster content & design updates
  • Followed Agile development processes with Scrum framework to ensure timeliness and quality of output
  • Web optimization activities, and implemented Amazon CDN for speedy page loading

 Analytics & Reporting

  • Implemented CrazyEgg, various Analytic tools, BI reporting tools to quantify performance and report it in accessible graphical formats


In three months, our client reduced the cost-per-lead by 33%. Streamlining operations between sales & marketing led to significant improvement in relevance of leads, while with advanced analytics & reporting, the client is able to constantly hone the digital marketing process.

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