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Developed POS Predictive Model and Application Using Microsoft BI and AI Algorithms


A US-based analytics company approached Cygnet for a solution that would help reduce food wastage at sports and entertainment events. Cygnet used AI & Microsoft BI to build a solution that helps predict food requirement, and developed a bidirectional mobile app for real time updates to the solution.

Project Details

Customer Size: Large
Solution: Microsoft BI

Client Profile

The client is a leading analytics company that sells point of sale solutions to the catering and events industry in the USA.

Business Scenario

A leading analytics company, offering Point-of-Sale solution to food & catering industry, approached us with a complex problem that was causing huge losses to its clients:

  • Large scale sports events have multiple food counters however, the consumption on each of them can vary
  • Shortage in the quantity of food would lead to loss in reputation and loss of profits, however, if the quantity of food increases and the consumption is low it would lead to food wastage
  • No method to predict food consumption

Cygnet’s Solution

During the discovery phase, our solution experts analyzed the food counter business model to gain a deeper insight into the processes. We realized that the historical analysis of food consumption and the consumption trends in previous games can help predict food requirements up to a certain level.

Based on our findings, as a part of the POC, we built a predictive solution for a limited number of food counter outlets. In order to build a robust and rapid solution, we

  • Implemented Microsoft BI and used algorithms like ID3 (Iterative Dichotomize 3), CAIM & Material Requirement Planning Algorithm
  • The algorithms also predict future orders at different counters on the basis of their location, using an SSIS package
  • This helped us create a dependable predictive model, but there was one snag: it didn’t take into account the real-time situation at the events. So, we built a bidirectional app and Integrated it with the solution
  • This enabled the staff members to input data into the model, which was used to arrive at an even more precise prediction of food requirements
  • SSIS Package takes decision on the basis of current sales in the live game and suggests stall keepers an estimate of food quantity at regular intervals via Web Sync


Our solution automated decisions, supplied insightful data for sharper manual decisions making, and improved the efficiency of logistics and operations. Today, the solution is used at a much wider network of food counters, and its predictions have slashed food wastage by more than 80%.

About Cygnet

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