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Mobile solution for transport - Cygnet Infotech Banner Image
Mobile Solution to Provide Real-time Traffic and Road Route Information

Hybrid mobile application developed to provide vital transport information to the commuters of a UK county

BI solution for retail industry - Cygnet Infotech banner image
Business Intelligence (BI) solution for Retail Industry

Cloud based solution developed using the MSBI expertise to collect and analyze EDI 852, POS, and supply chain data

Revenue and Billing Solution for Telecom Giants -Banner Image
Revenue and Billing solution for Telecom Giants

End-to-end backend solution developed for a billion-dollar internet service provider to serve 3.1 million global clients.

Healthcare IT Solution to Automate Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials - Case Study
Healthcare IT Solution to Automate Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Healthcare IT solution developed to automated the patient recruitment and site selection process of clinical trials

Networking platform for medical practitioners
Networking Platform for Medical Practitioners

Secure, Scalable, Knowledge- sharing Medical Practitioners’ Professional Networking Portal for physicians and surgeons to get connected.

e-Ophthalmology Enabled with Eye Care Tests for Optimal Health Convenience

Ophthalmic Tests + Vision Care Exercise = e-Ophthalmology Application for Eye Care Tests

HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System-Case study
HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

HIPAA compliant EHR solution custom build for Ob-Gyn medical practitioner with accurate data management and end-to-end payment tracking syst

Cloud Based Practice Management Software for Orthodontics Medical Specialty - Cygnet Infotech
Cloud Based Practice Management Software

PMS software custom build for Orthodontics medical practice with interactive mobile application and web based software for 24*7 access

BI Solution for Public Bus Transportation - Cygnet Infotech
BI Solution for Public Bus Transportation

BI solution for Government Authorities and Private Operators to implement ideal Business Practices for ideal fleet management.

Information Management System for Bid and Tender Processes

Built a Bid and Tender Management System on ASP.Net that allows storing information related to the complete bidding cycle

Developed Test Models using Dynamics CRM for Identifying Learning Disabilities

Developed Test Model solution using Dynamics CRM to assist institutions identify students with learning disabilities

Centralized Content Management & Collaboration Solution Built on SharePoint

Cygnet automated the huge process of digitizing data from physical documents for enterprises by platform integration and interface building

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