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How Automation of Inventory Management Increased Business Efficiency by 67%


A next-generation inventory management solution developed by Cygnet helped an event and trade shows organizing firm automate and streamline the management of event rental equipments resulting in increasing their business efficiency by 67%.

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: USA
 Event Management
Solution: Microsoft .NET 4.5, MVC 4.0, Java, jQuery, jQuery UI, SQL Server, Knockout, Repository Pattern, Entity Framework, Membership Framework

Client Profile

The client is a leading event organizing firm based in the USA, having warehouses spread over different locations across the globe. The company gives out trade shows equipments on rental basis and specializes in serving fabricating and installing museum exhibits, showrooms, kids-zones and 3-D marketing.

Business Scenario

A trade show organizer in the USA was struggling to manage its equipments and assets (tables, lights, sound systems, etc.) for organizing trade shows and exhibitions due to unavailability of real-time information, such as items in warehouse, equipments in the show, items in the trans-shipment, items stored for the next order, equipments in production, items receivable, missing or damaged stock, etc.

This created a lot of problems in coordination and decision making among different warehouses and functional departments and eventually in fulfilling rental orders. Hence, the company wanted to develop a dedicated inventory management system which could

  • Automate and streamline all the inventory management operations – right from procurement & production to order fulfilment
  • Bring real-time visibility of trade show items and drive cross-warehouse and cross-departmental coordination
  • Optimize item handling processes to reduce order fulfilment time and costs to enhance the entire value chain

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet team visited the client to understand their trade show operations and inventory management functions. Based on the requirements and workflow patterns, Cygnet developed a customized web-based inventory management solution which provided following capabilities

  • Easy tracking of inventory rental status and orders through a user friendly front-end developed based on user role and authorization
  • Quick and firm decision making through a comprehensive dashboard developed with accurate reporting features
  • Easy items management through automation ofserial numbers to SKUs conversion
  • 24/7 access to information from multiple devices due to responsive techniques implemented in the solution


  • 67% increase in business efficiency due to automation and optimization of entire inventory management processes
  • Transparency and quick turnaround of workflows led to 80% reduction in transcription errors
  • Real-time information about inventory items and orders enabling better co-ordination and order fulfilment

About Cygnet

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