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Migration of an Admin Panel from Traditional J2EE to Grails

Cygnet Infotech migrated the Admin Panel of the client's online fax management portal which was developed on traditional JAVA/J2EE technology to the modern open source Grails technology. The objective behind the migration to Grails was to rewrite the whole site with improved functionality and provide better UI for managing users, associated accounts and hierarchies. It was also necessary at the same time to remove the complex legacy components from the portal architecture which were making the maintenance task of the portal, a cumbersome process.


The client is an online faxing solutions provider possessing a web portal where thousands of fax users from across the world can access the details of the services. The admin panel of this portal manages the network of fax users and provides a secure environment to add numbers, assign numbers to users, change global user settings and review reports for inbound and outbound fax traffic. Since this fax management portal was built in ageing technologies containing legacy components, it threw up several configuration and hardware processing complications. Besides, it was difficult to develop support and extension functionality due to convoluted coding required in the technology. Therefore, the client wanted to rewrite the whole site with better UI and functionality with open source Grails technology.

Cygnet Infotech having years of experience in Grails development, seemed a reliable resource for the client for such a critical Grails migration. We started off with migration serving following key requirements:

  • Design an intuitive interface with tabular layout
  • Accommodate localization and modular delivery of Admin functions
  • Replace complex configuration with reusable plugins
  • Develop an easy access flow and process
  • Provide node wise/page wise specific access control
  • Create a centralized repository of business logic
  • Replace ambiguous architecture with an uniform code base
  • Build the system with the perspective to focus on a la carte billing for value added services, an initiative that required administrative support to achieve


In the process of migrating the Admin panel to Grails technology, we opted for Agile development approach and directed the following efforts towards achieving the desired solution.

  • Removed hardware and software configuration requirements
  • Utilized plug-ins like pdf/csv export, pagination, scheduler, email to meet the expectations for timely deliverables
  • Removed JMS server requirement and configuration and replaced it with ActiveMQ implementation in order to serve all future enhancements and expansions
  • Developed Ajax based interface using JQuery and other asynchronous JavaScript framework for a better user experience


The successful migration of the Admin panel to a Grails based architecture resulted in following benefits

  • Streamlined management of fax user accounts
  • Improved number assigning process
  • Better analytics of registered users and associated fax numbers
  • Better management of fax number inventories
  • Elimination of complex coding procedure for configurations and maintenance requirements
  • Quicker turnaround of online faxing process for users
  • User-friendly UI and navigation which led to better processing of backend workflows


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    Java, Grails

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