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Online Document Management Developed on DotNet with SAAS Control


A client wanted to develop an online document management system and collaboration tool to improve business processes. The solution was to be offered as a service over the Internet to overcome issues of downloading or installing any software.

This internet based tool was supposed to allow the collaborations to exist from anywhere- (desktop or laptop) and create a circle and conduct online meetings.

The key requirements were:

  • Managing Projects and Documents online
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Viewing list of all up-coming and previous meetings
  • Manage Users
  • Conduct Meeting
  • View Version History related to Documents and much more…

Additionally the portal will also allow any user to create a group, upload documents, and schedule meetings, invite friends, and manage version control and security.


Cygnet Infotech designed Collaboration Portal for setting up enterprise workplace on the cloud. This handled all the other supporting processes like allowing any user to create a group, upload documents and schedule meetings, invite friends etc. Additionaly, the portal also handle all the changes that are made in the document using collaboration tool and maintain complete version history.

Some of the key features provided by the system were:

  • Web based system allows Online Access to all information.
  • Meeting Scheduler: The tool allowed scheduling meetings by projects, link document library that need to be referred and invite other members. The system allows the flexibility to re invite members.
  • Conduct Meeting using the collaboration tool integrated with the portal. The documents attached with the meeting will be available at the time of scheduling the meeting.
  • Select Documents from the library to be Discussed
  • Chat with the users who have joined the meeting
  • Color Indication to highlight the changes made in the document. Also indicate the user who updated the document.
  • Save the Updated Documents.
  • The system kept track of complete meeting history and document history using version control
  • Manage Users and Privileges to access documents using features like expiry date of the account.


  • The system is extremely easy to use and user friendly and can be easily used by non IT savvy people as well.
  • Allowed file sharing and storing files
  • Better Information Accessibility, reduced paper work
  • The system saves huge amount of time and cost.
  • Increase in Collaboration the client used it for collaboration with customers, vendors, and distributed workforces


  • Technology

    ASP .Net 2.0 with C#, Integration with ZOHO Collaborative editor

  • Industry

    Mass Communication

  • Country


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