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POS for Small Retailers

XChange POS is designed to bring small retailers at par with technology with large players at an affordable cost. User wise roles and privileges, easy front office, CRM & Loyalty, Inventory & Supplier Outstanding management, Promotions management and sales analysis are some of the key features of the application. The application works with the most common hardware and does not require special hardware's.


The client required efficient dynamic and comprehensible system to make the business management more efficient and productive.

The client wanted a system that could provide exact insight into his inventories and provide product wise analysis.

The system should feature inventory management, supplier management, CMS and effective cost and sale monitoring.


The client collaborated with Cygnet Infotech to deliver a privilege system for enhanced security implemented using centralized database.


  • Designed in Delphi the system provided touch based user interface for fast entry reducing the response time resulting in better customer service.
  • Effective product catalogue management with attribute matrix for easy traceability of products
  • Automatic inventory update on sale, return and purchase provide accurate view at single click.
  • Cash Register and drill down facility from balance to data entry providing a complete view of cash flow.
  • The system could be integrated with POS Hardware such as Cash Drawers, Printers, Tills, Barcode scanners etc.
  • Inbuilt Reporting tool helps the retailers to generate statistics for products and customer behaviors and make intuitive business decisions
  • Facility to export reports in multiple formats such as PDF, RTF, HTML and Text


  • User friendly system that is easy to understand and use and requires minimal training.
  • Increased productivity and savings.
  • Convenient Inventory Management

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