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Getting your network optimized has become necessary for enhancing your applications. Optimization helps redundancy in internal networks and centralizes applications within its data centre. Critical applications which run on multiple servers have the potential of improving the performance by skillfully balancing traffic between servers while being resilient within its own network.

A redundant or resilient network offers maximum uptime. Such networks, thus, make vital apps readily available to employees, partners and customers which, in turn, build an integrated work environment.

We help you simplify the management of applications at remote sites by hosting vital apps within the central data centre and optimizing its WAN so that the latency of apps to its remote sites is reduced.

How will you benefit?

  • Less application latency to remote end-users
  • Centralized network
  • Optimum utilization of bandwidth
  • Quick backup and data replication over WAN for better data recovery
  • Better availability of application through multiple pathways
  • Less management and operating expenses
  • No immediate need to upgrade WAN bandwidth

Our services include:

  • Assessing network health: We assess the various types of traffic on your network, how it is routed and accessed and the bottleneck areas before we start strategizing.
  • WAN accelerator: This involves traffic prioritization, duplication algorithms, TCP protocols which deliver LAN-like performance over WAN. It reduces chatty application traffic which, in turn, reduces latency of bandwidth traffic.
  • Load balancing software: This prioritizes and paces up the delivery of vital applications hosted on multiple servers. It considers defined prioritization of data type, IP address and destination when monitoring and distributing traffic on the network.
  • Components of a network: Switches, routers and chassis are network components which contain multiple points through which data travels to the users. We make sure that the components are redundant, swappable and have modular software management support and upgrade paths.
  • Application Delivery Controllers (ADC): It includes load balancing software, advanced routing capabilities, content manipulation and system health monitoring.
  • Voice and data services: Application delivery can lessen or even eliminate the requirement of upgrading bandwidth. It offers an opportunity of re-evaluating the existing data and voice needs as well as telecommunications agreements for extra cost savings.

We work closely with you to identify the most critical applications which need instant access; we determine which apps experience the most latency problems and the causes behind duplicate traffic. Our networking services aim at creating networks that offer value for money and integrate with new technologies without costing you a fortune.

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