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Automate, Execute & Engage with TestingWhiz - Codeless
Test Automation Tool for Web & Cloud Apps

TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool developed by Cygnet Infotech specifically for testing web and cloud applications. It is an easy, intuitive and affordable automation solution based on robust FAST® Automation Engine that requires no technical and programming skills for testing applications.

TestingWhiz Editions

TestingWhiz Community Edition

TestingWhiz Community Edition a Lifetime Free-Licensed version. It is ideal for individual testers and small, closely-knit teams who work on unified test environments for small and recurrent testing requirements.

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TestingWhiz Enterprise Edition

TestingWhiz Enterprise Edition is a premium version of TestingWhiz suitable for large and even-distributed teams. It is a paid version and comes with exclusive features that takes automation to the next level.

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Internationalization Support

TestingWhiz comes with easy-internationalization support which helps users in translating test cases, reports and commands in the language of their choice. TestingWhiz currently supports languages like – English, French, Italiano, German, Spanish and Dutch.

WhizGrid Distribution

TestingWhiz has a unique WhizGrid Distribution Testing that facilitates users to execute test cases on multiple devices through a single shared server or network. Users can easily multiply test efforts without purchasing separate license for each device.

Image Comparison

Image Comparison in TestingWhiz allows users to compare two images and identify the difference at pixel level with custom-defined tolerance level.

Scheduler Engine

TestingWhiz allows users to schedule and run test cases at a pre-defined date, day, week and time of the day along with an ability to set exceptions and frequency of test runs.

Object Recorder

TestingWhiz has inbuilt recorder to record and store test objects along with an ability to use 190+ readily available commands (if, else, condition, loop etc...)

Database Testing

TestingWhiz allows users to perform database testing using SQL raw queries to fetch data directly to Placeholder and export to XML or CSV files. TestingWhiz supports databases like – Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2 and My SQL.

Integration with Bug-Tracking Tools

TestingWhiz comes integrated with popular bug tracking tools like – Atlassian JIRA, Mantis and Fog Creek Fogbugz that makes software testing a seamless experience for QA teams.