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Ticket Management System Developed on SharePoint 2007

Developed a solution to improve response time for any complaint that came through multiple flows like email, manual entry etc. Cygnet's solution which included a dashboard, workflow and knowledge base helped the client improve the quality and response for support tickets raised by its customers. Cygnet developed an outlook Add-on that used Organizations active directory to direct tickets to concerned person based on category of complaint (i.e. Ticket, New request, Change etc). Other key features of the system are Knowledge Base repository that keeps on expanding itself, enterprise search, escalation and MIS.


  • Technology
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  • Share Point 2007 (MOSS 2007), MS SQL Server 2005
  • IT
  • 6 Months
  • Mexico


SharePoint Team at Cygnet InfoTech designed a solution that allowed the requesters to post service requests and the stakeholders could keep track of the tickets using workflow management.

The key drivers comprised of:

  • A system was required to provide a platform that could keep track of various tickets and provide a single point of contact for all support services.
  • The system was supposed to implement an automated workflow for ticket allocation and resolution.
  • Ticket escalation at designated intervals.
  • Implementation of Knowledge base so that a repository of solution details could be maintained. All ticket solution details releases, test cases; related documentation was also required to be saved with the ticket.


To fulfill the client's requirement, Cygnet SharePoint technical team proposed the SharePoint Services with MOSS implementation which was the best suitable solution within the situation where performance and security were the key factors to consider. As a result, Cygnet Infotech satisfied its customer requirement by implementing following features:

  • Outlook Add-in was implemented for users so that they could add details in predefined format thus making data entry more streamlined.
  • InfoPath functionality was used to attach files with tickets upon ticket registration. The same InfoPath was also used for uploading knowledge bases as well as test plans, test releases, release documents etc.
  • Automated workflow implementation depending on the ticket type and assignment to the solution group or the specific employee.
  • A privilege based dashboard was provided to supervisors, administrators so that they could keep complete track of the ticket progress.
  • In case of unattended tickets the issue was automatically escalated to the superiors so that necessary actions could be taken well in time; thus reducing the response time for each initiated ticket.
  • Automatic email alerts were sent to relevant stakeholders.


  • A central location of Knowledge Base allowed the client to fetch for solution faster thus reducing the turnaround time and improving the support services.
  • Privilege based dashboard allowing the users to keep track of tickets assigned to them as well as their teams.
  • A successful implementation of ticket escalation process, allowing stakeholders to be alerted whenever there was delay in attending the tickets thus reducing the bottlenecks and turnaround time.
  • Successful workflow implementation reduced manual intervention and improved efficiency.

"We have found their technical staff skills to be of a high standard and they have been extremely cooperative during the development cycle.

I would highly recommend Cygnet in terms of their technical skill and their ethical approach to contracts and agreements."

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