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Mobile Test Automation: Challenges and Open Source alternatives


Cygnet Infotech's Mobile Testing team conducted this webinar to share knowledge about delivering fast, easy and scalable mobile test automation solutions using open source tools and frameworks along with live demo of the open source alternatives available in the market. This informative session focused on giving participants an insight into today's best practices and how they could achieve high ROI from their automated testing exercises.  

Following Points were Discussed:

  • Mobile testing challenges, native, web and hybrid
  • Effective use of mobile test automation for rapid time to market
  • Live demo: open source mobile test automation tools to try
  • Tips, tricks and techniques to carry forward 

Cygnet Mobile QA Services

Cygnet delivers enterprise mobile QA solutions to ensure seamless, prompt and reliable testing services for reducing mobile application delivery lifecycle. We are adept at providing a plethora of testing solutions including device app functionality testing, handset compatibility testing, mobile automation and performance testing.

What tools are available for testing java/jsp/javascript based Mobile apps on Windows CE platform?

Based on our experience. For Windows Phone based applications, Visual Studio, EggPlant and See Test.

How to integrate it Eclipse IDE? Do we have plugins available? And how will integrate to emulator?

When you want to integrate Android SDK it can be directly integrated with Eclipse IDE. All the steps are available on the Eclipse IDE help material.

Does QTP offer its own mobile solution other than integrating with Perfecto?

QTP as of now also provides integration with Keynote Device Anywhere. It presently "does not" have its own drivers that can connect directly to a Mobile Device.

Can we record the scripts for dropdown?

Yes, you can record scripts for dropdown as well.

For Selenium, do we need WEB driver compulsory since it's a new implementation in Selenium? Can I know what type of script it will generate?

Yes, you will need the web driver for Mobile Apps. It generates a script in its native extension format.

For QTP its VB script, for Monkey talk? How does it handle Ajax?

For MonkeyTalk it is in its own format. It supports Web based apps that use Ajax.

Can we define our own logic in monkeyTalk?

Yes, you can.

Is there any objects repository in monkey talk?

It identifies objects so there is an object repository that can be stored.

What core language does monkeytalk use?

MonkeyTalk uses JavaScript and ported to MonkeyTalk.

Which is the best free automation tool?

There is no single option out there. It depends on your use case and application, you can Get in touch with us now, we would get back to you and provide a free POC for implementation of your requirement.


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