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Webinar Archive

Test Automation 3.0 - Evolution of Rapid Application Testing

A webinar on how Test Automation 3.0 can help organizations save time and money in building and executing test automation.

Mobile Learning Solutions: How to Get Started

An informative session on leveraging the power of mobile applications to increase effectiveness and efficiency of communications and busines

Automating MS Dynamics CRM testing with TestComplete

An interactive webinar on how to efficiently and effectively use one of the most promising mid-market testing tools for automating CRM

Spring + Agile = Maximum ROI

An informative session that shows how Spring and Agile can be used together in order to receive the best of both worlds and a better ROI

Spring + Behavior Driven Development = Boon for Business

The agility of BDD and the modular design of Spring encourages collaboration among the project stakeholders and prompts development of app

Migrating to SharePoint 2013 - Practices and Solutions

An informative webinar that helps in gaining insights on how to migrate to Sharepoint 2013, understanding its business benefits


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