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We devise a strategic approach for faster delivery of defect-free products, and implement it effectively by leveraging our Proprietary Test Automation Tool.

  • We understand that product success depends on serving a quality experience, and first impressions matter. So, we have an effective testing strategy combining: 1) technical specifications and 2) end user expectations.

    Our unique, product-specific strategy ensures success whether you:

    • Need effective QA support for the brand new product you are building
    • Require regression and continuous integration while adding new features to existing products
    • Want comprehensive testing support for your globalization or localization initiatives
    • Looking for system testing, unit testing or UAT for seamless platform or data migrations
    • Want to ensure superior product experience while extending support to new OSes and devices
    • Are focusing on UX rebuilding or transformation efforts and need usability testing


    Cygnet works as your technology partner, freeing up your resources to focus on core areas. Primarily, Cygnet’s testing labs:

    • Serve as independent product testing partners
    • Offer product testing services as a part of product development cycle


    Cygnet’s test labs accelerate testing by utilizing proprietary test automation tool TestingWhiz, other relevant tools, best practices, and effective frameworks, to help you deliver high-performance products faster. With our services, you will:

    • Detect and resolve bugs in time
    • Slash the cost of development
    • Shorten release cycles
    • Allow core team to focus on development
    • Mitigate security risks at the outset
    • Test Automation Consulting
    • Regression Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Managed Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Mobile Testing

    Platform Expertise

About Cygnet

Our motto ‘IT is About You’ is more than just a tag line – it is the very heart of Cygnet. We always ensure the continued success of our clients and employees by placing problem solving ahead of anything else and walking the extra mile when needed.