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Thoughtfully developed blockchain-based technology solutions can drive quantum leaps in efficiency, agility and innovation for your business. Cygnet Infotech has been working with global brands enabling them to realize numerous benefits of the rule-based intelligence of blockchain to perform business functions.


Blockchain Solution and Offerings

Blockchain Integration

We enable you to achieve technology interoperability, while addressing security and privacy of shared data, consensus management and business process re-alignment across the network.

Decentralized Applications

We leverage breakthrough aspects of state-of- the art blockchain technology to develop robust decentralized applications.

Proof of concepts

We build interactive mock-ups that represent your ideas with real-life business scenarios to identify opportunities and fill the gaps.

Blockchain Development

We start with discovery to ascertain development of results-driven blockchain solutions for you to achieve the desired business outcomes.

ICO Development

We provide exclusive development support for your ICO, ranging from token design conceptualization to maintenance of the intricate infrastructure.

Smart Contracts

We design, develop, audit and optimize self-executing coded smart contracts for your business to engage in trusted trading in a decentralized manner.

Cryptocurrency Development

We empower you in this crypto-race by developing tailor-made cryptocurrency to disrupt the market.

Digital Identity Solution

We provide a blockchain-enabled document signing and authentication solution trusted by individuals, small and medium businesses, and enterprises.

The Concept of Blockchain

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Cygnet partners with Bitvalley to build Value for the Insurance Sector with a Disruptive Blockchain-based Solution

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