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10 Articles That Will Act as ASP.NET BIBLE for You

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The days are gone when developers were using “dead-tree books” to sharpen their ASP.NET programming skills. Today, the conventional books have been replaced by the wealth of immediately available information over the internet. There is no denying that the internet is one of the best tools these days for the developers to find quick references for their various ASP.NET related queries and questions.

Being an ASP.NET developer, you might be well-aware that the web is packed full of useful news, tips and code examples available over the popular blogs and article directories. There are plenty of bloggers or even coders who are passionate about ASP.NET development and keep posting useful information that can be helpful for the beginner ASP.Net developer. In this post, we’re going to list out top 10 ASP.NET articles that every upcoming or even experienced developer MUST read. 

When you’re in the early stages of your career in ASP.NET and you’re trying to figure out the right code syntax or how to use certain APIs, this list of articles could a best option for you.

1. General .NET Interview Questions

If you’re a beginner ASP.Net developer and approaching for your first interview, this article would be a great source of reference for you. This article comprises of the most frequently asked questions in .NET. It will help the developers know their familiarity with the .Net platform. Read More

2. 25 Useful SQL Server Tutorials for .NET developers

Many developers develop data-driven .NET applications, but with lack of knowledge of the database and network they’re dealing with. However, if you want to boost up your database skills, then this article could help you a lot with 25 T-SQL scripts and tutorials. Read More

3. Understanding Detailed Architecture of ASP.NET 4.5

Want to clear you .NET fundamentals about the latest version ASP.NET 4.5? If the answer is affirmative, go for this article. It covers a detailed discussion on various ASP.NET components. Also, it covers a well-written explanation of ASP.Net sites and ASP.NET services. Read More

4. Understanding ASP.NET Web APIs and Their Uses

ASP.NET Web APIs are one of the crucial components of ASP.NET development. However, it becomes a bit tedious for the newbie developers to get detailed information about what is Web APIs and what are their uses. This article will take you to the deep dive of ASP.Net Web APIs and will help you learn the use of web APIs in your development. Read More

5. ASP.Net Web Forms and ASP.Net MVC

Differences You Should Know! – Ever since the day Microsoft has started working the MVC framework, it has become quite tricky for the newbie developers to differentiate between ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms. And this article clearly showcases the differences between both of these in an easy to understand manner. Read More

6. Multi-lingual Language Translation for ASP.NET

This article brings a few free language translations of common software terms that developers can utilize in their multi-lingual ASP.Net application. It would be quite helpful if you wish to create list of available languages like Spanish, German, and Chinese and so on. Read More

7. How to call Server Side function from Client Side Code using PageMethods in ASP.Net AJAX?

If you’ve ever tried, you might know that it is not possible to call server-side call directly from client-side code. This article helps you know how you can use PageMethods to call server-side functions with the help of JavaScript. Read More

8. Get all language-country code list for all culture in C#, ASP.NET

More of like a tutorial, this post from the CodeDigest would help the ASP.NET developers to get the entire country code list for all Culture in C#, ASP.NET using given code snippet from the contributor. Read More

9. ASP.NET Validation Controls

Important Points, Tips and Tricks – Want to know different tips and tricks about how to use ASP.NET validation controls? This article brings extensive list of tips and tricks that developers can apply to the validation controls. Read More

10. Detecting .NET application memory leaks

Memory leaks in .NET application have always been a big threat for the developers and this article covers almost everything that a developer need to know about memory leaks. Starting from the reasons behind memory leaks and type of memory leaks to the best practices, it brings a useful guide for the developers to avoid it in the future. Read More

These top 10 articles will help ASP.NET developers of any level to dive into ASP.NET development with full confidence.

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