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10 Most Common Reasons Why Shoppers Leave Your Ecommerce Store without Buying Stuff

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When someone visits your online store and checks out a bunch of products, but fails to make a purchase decision in your favor, you are bleeding money. If you want to ensure that a good portion of people visiting your website don’t leave the purchasing process midway, you need to provide a decent shopping experience to the users.

But to do that, you’ve got to know why people tend to leave an ecommerce store without buying stuff. So, here’s a list of the commonest reasons (based on surveys by Gartner and Forrester) why people decide to defer their buying decision or give up on your store altogether.

1) Costly or Slow Shipping:

When most of your competitors are providing free shipping, if you charge high prices for shipping, there is a chance that you will lose the customer when he or she becomes aware of the extra cost. Also, a user indulging in an impulse buy may choose not to buy a product if you are unable to deliver it fast.

10 Reasons Leave Ecommerce Store 1

2) Long, Confusing and Annoying Checkout Process:

As discussed above, the checkout process has to be simple and easy. If the users need to fill lots of information and if the forms are lengthy, many users may get turned off. Also, checkout spread over pages without clear progress indicators can be a major annoyance to shoppers. Similarly, if any charges are sneaked in during the final stage of the checkout, the user may feel cheated and abandon the cart right there.

3) Lengthy Payment Security Processes:

One of the biggest pains in online shopping is jumping through the hoops of payment processing. Not only does the user need to enter the CC/DC or other payment related information, but he or she may also need to enter a One-Time-Password to validate the transaction. If the process breaks (page crashed or incorrect information) and the customer needs to go through the entire cycle again, there is a chance that you will be left facing an abandoned cart.

4) Global Payment Support Issues:

While lack of support for specific payment methods can be a deal breaker, users may also choose to shop elsewhere if the price is presented in a foreign currency. This issue is especially relevant for websites that cater to an international audience – along with the multi-language support, providing complete support for foreign currencies is also necessary.

10 Reasons Leave Ecommerce Store 2

5) No Sign of Customer Support:

Although most online shoppers don’t need to take the help of some employee from the ecommerce store, there are times when chat or call support can be the difference between sale and no sale. Ecommerce sites that do not offer customer support stand to lose the custom of dithering, borderline buyers.

6) Lack of Proper Navigation: An ecommerce store that doesn’t have an intuitive navigation makes it impossible for the user to find what they are looking for. A ‘search’ button can help the user out in this situation, but if these features are not functioning smoothly, or if they do not exist, it becomes difficult for the users to locate their desired items. In this case, they will bid your store adieu.

7) Looking for Discounts or Coupon Codes:

When a savvy online shopper sees the option to ‘Enter a Promo Code’ or ‘Enter a Discount Code’ during the checkout process, he or she may go on a hunt for promo codes or discount coupon to shave some price off their purchase. This can cause them to defer the purchase, or may send them on a trail for other ecommerce stores that offer more easily accessible discounts.

8) Lack of Security:

While more people around the world are opening their minds to paying and buying online, the fear of getting cheated out of their hard earned money lurks at the back of online shoppers’ minds. If the website ‘looks’ shady, or if the users don’t find your ecommerce store trustworthy, there is a good chance that they will leave without buying anything.

9) Website Time Out or Crash:

Shopping online on a slow internet connection can be a real pain. Yet, there are lots of users around the world who embark on an online shopping expedition, burdened with a slow Internet speed. For such users, heavy website pages are a bane: they tend to time out or crash, making it impossible for the users to complete a purchase.

10) Lack of Product Information:

While product images do a good job of attracting the users, shopper always look for detailed information on any product. Users also want to know about the different features of the product and compare it with other similar products. If you have failed to upload the necessary information, the customer may veer towards a provider that has taken the pains to deliver enough information.

10 Reasons Leave Ecommerce Store 3

Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons – that you have no control over:

  • They are just looking around or researching
  • They find the item too expensive and decide not to buy, or buy later
  • They are called away from the PC or mobile due to some reason

Are you losing sales because of any of the above reasons? Are there any other core issues that cause visitors to leave your website? Please share your experiences and insights with us in the comments.

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