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10 Reasons Why Sitefinity is an Excellent Option for Business

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When it comes to website development, the first question that usually pops up in your mind is, "which CMS should I use for developing my site?" There are plenty of content management systems available in the market and some of them can be used for free. So, should you consider the paid content management systems?

Web development is a very competitive business and those building paid CMS for developers are well aware of the fact that there are plenty of free CMS available out there. So, they know that they need to offer something premium to business owners for convincing them to open their purse.

One of the very popular paid content management systems at the moment is Sitefinity. Yes, it is costly, but then when companies like Mercedes Benz and Coca Cola use Sitefinity to power their websites, there must be a good reason behind it. Sitefinity offers some great features and advantages   to website developers and admin. You can experience the features by opting for a free trial and once you think that this CMS is good enough for the price it is asking, you can opt for the paid "professional edition".

Let's take a look at the benefits it offers to judge the true value of Sitefinity.

1. User-friendly

If you've used any content management system before, you should face no trouble to understand how Sitefinity works. It offers a safe and predictable environment so that people with basic programming skills can manipulate the core functions. Several unique features are provided, but if you want something additional, you can always use ASP.NET technology to add custom features, perfect for your business.

2. Supports your mobile strategy

More and more people are accessing websites from mobiles and downloading apps to purchase products/services offered by companies without visiting the site altogether. Sitefinity helps to develop mobile-optimized websites in a hassle-free manner. Whether you want to build an app for various mobile OS platforms or design a responsive website, this flexible CMS allows you to do it all.

3. Superior digital asset management

When your business expands and you start adding more pages to the site, it becomes very important to manage all the rich media files properly. Sitefinity offers a feature called Digital Asset Management and with its help, you can organize file hierarchy, tag the files and use metadata to make the files searchable.

Therefore, you can always find any image or PDF file among thousands of images and PDFs you have uploaded within a few seconds. In order to reduce image creation cost, you can re-use some old images by modifying them. Similarly, you can upload an image in thumbnail size and specify multiple sizes for display to save storage space.    

4. In-built email campaign management     

The "drag and drop" email designer of Sitefinity is a great help for online marketers. You can create custom emails for promotional purpose and send them directly from the CMS. Once the mails are sent, the tracking tools let you measure the success ratio of your email campaign.

5. Seamless e-commerce integration

If you are planning to develop an ecommerce website,  Sitefinity is the appropriate choice. There is everything you may need to build and manage an online store. You can create a detailed product catalog with great categories and help customers find the exact item they are looking for. For example, if you want to sell garments from your site, you can categorize the clothes on the basis of "type", "price", "color and size" etc. Thanks to Sitefinity, you can also collect online payment from buyers in a fast and secure manner.

6. Social media-friendly

Take the benefit of social media tools offered by Sitefinity to spread your messages across Facebook and Twitter. Timely information sharing can help you stay close to your target audience and improve business revenue generation.

7. Great user interface

A website must remain active at all times and provide new content to end-users. Sitefinity's user interface is very easy to understand and anyone can edit or create new content. Therefore, when you launch a new product or service, the information can be posted on the appropriate pages immediately.

8. Google Analytics integrated

A businessman must know how people are using his site. He needs to track the most liked and most avoided pages to improve the website's performance. The great thing about Sitefinity is that it adds tracking codes to each and every web page so that the entire website can be analyzed very quickly. You can check the reports directly from Sitefinity, without opening Google Analytics.

9. SEO friendly

The web page URLs of a website is not only read by search engines, but visitors as well. Therefore, it is important to create meaningful, keyword-rich URL for all the web pages for better usability and SERP ranking. When you use Sitefinity to develop your website, there is no need to worry about creating SEO-friendly URL, because the CMS handles the job without any help from the developer.

10. Import data from other content management systems

If you already have a website and it is running on a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, shifting the site onto Sitefinity is very easy. The CMS allows you to import data from various content management systems so that you can have a running site as quickly as possible.

Sitefinity was launched in 2002 and back then, was named RadDesigner control. It was rebranded as Sitefinity in 2005 and since then, thousands of reputed companies have chosen this robust CMS to develop their websites. After reading the aforementioned advantages, you must have realized why it became so popular in less than a decade.

There are certainly other paid CMS available in the market and they may cost less than Sitefinity, but none offers as many features as Sitefinity does. When you invest in Sitefinity, you can be sure that no matter how large your business grows over the years and what customers expect from your site, you can always manage your business and keep consumers satisfied without breaking into a sweat.

Cygnet Infotech an software and web development company as well as a Microsoft and   Sitefinity Partner  , provides complete ecommerce solutions and expert in   custom CMS development  .  

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