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    15 2015

    10 Steps for Finding the Right Product Development Partner–Part 2

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    This is the second part of our article on how to find the right product development partner. The first part looks at the basics that you need to get right –

    • Clearly defining your requirements
    • Building a clear profile of the best kind of vendor for your project
    • Checking the expertise of the companies your shortlist
    • Determining the reliability and trustworthiness of the companies
    • Looking for flexibility in terms of scaling up or down

    In this part, we take a deeper look at the importance of product development expertise, importance of Agile methodologies and more.

    6) Plan to Build a Reliable Team

    Unless you are able to build a reliable team of thinking and curious developers, you won’t get enough out of your investment. When you are building a product, hiring ‘code monkeys’ is aiming too low. There’s a big difference between developers and programmers.

    Try and find developers who are able, not only to understand your concept and your business model, but individuals who can share your excitement. Sure, you may need a bit of extra hand holding and training early on in the relationships, but you stand to gain in the long run.

    At the same time, it is important to choose a partner who is able to retain top talent – when a key developer leaves the company, with him leaves the knowledge regarding your product. So, it is best to pick a development partner who does not have a high turnover – tough task in an industry that sees a high attrition rate.

    7) Look for Product Lifecycle Pedigree

    A product is never complete. It will need constant updates as you will want to enter newer markets, you may want to migrate or port your products, want a UX overhaul, you may want to build an entirely new product from ground up, and more.

    Managing one offshore team is difficult enough, and when you have to hire different teams for different stages of your product development, you’ll bleed time. So, it is best to hire a company that excels in the entire product management and development lifecycle. Look for a company that has:

    • Product development as one of its core competencies
    • Ability to port application to multiple platforms
    • Has a number of successful product development projects under its belt
    • Has the technological expertise required for the job
    • Ability to manage multiple release cycles

    8) Check Expertise in Development Methodologies

    For most product development projects, the waterfall method will not work. And, unless you are simply hiring coders, a team that hasn’t gained expertise in working with Agile development methods will not add much value to your project.

    So, it is best to choose a software product development partner well-versed in various Agile methodologies. Such a partner will be able to build strong bridges of collaborations within the development team, and with you. Which will, in turn ensure quick delivery of tested and quality features on a regular basis. On top of it, adherence to Agile methodologies will add a level of predictability to the cost and schedule as well.

    9) Don’t Overlook QA Capabilities

    Along with development capabilities, the company you choose will need to have strong QA chops to deliver with an Agile approach. Dig deep to find out whether they have the right blend of human and technical expertise to carry on frequent testing. Find out:

    • What kinds of tests will be performed?
    • Does the company use any automation tools?
    • How many resources do they expect to use for testing?

    10) Test the Waters – Start with a Prototype

    Whether you are part of a larger organization or a product innovator with a killing concept, getting approvals and funding is high on your list. And for that you will need to show a prototype as a POC to sway the decision makers.

    Thankfully, this ties in well with the actions you must take while hiring a development partner for your product building efforts. Simply interviewing the candidates and checking the track record of a company may not be enough: you need to actually work with them to find out whether it works, before you commit for a long-term contract.


    Finding the right partner for your backend product development needs can mean difference between commercial success and failure. Too many product developers end up bouncing from one firm to other, getting their project burnt in the process.

    By choosing a vendor you can depend on for years, not only do you get the obvious benefit of lower costs, but you also stand a chance of building an offshore team that delivers in-house quality.

    Are you looking for a backend product development partner? Cygnet may just be the right fit for you. Why not talk with us?

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