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100 Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Software Product Enthusiast Must Bookmark

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Building software products that help organizations grow, and which add value to the life of the end users is not only profitable, but also satisfying. Knowledge about various aspects of software product development – ideation, validation, UX building, prototyping, engineering, testing,bug fixing, maintenance and more – comes in handy when you are gunning for product success.

Thankfully, there some really awesome blogs out there, run by product pioneers and experts sharing insights from real-world expenses. Taking into consideration various factors like quality of writing, reliability of information, traffic, and popularity, we have selected 100 blogs and related twitter accounts that are worth your attention.

This is neither an ascending nor descending list. So #1 doesn’t have to be better than #20. And, the list has the blogs we follow most attentively, so it is not exhaustive. Now let’s jump into it.

No. Name Website Twitter
1 Code Simplicity http://www.codesimplicity.com/ @mkanat
2 Joel On Software http://www.joelonsoftware.com/ @spolsky
3 Coding Horror http://blog.codinghorror.com/ @codinghorror
4 Andy’s Blog http://andy.pragprog.com/ @PragmaticAndy
5 Paul Graham http://www.paulgraham.com/articles.html/ @paulg
6 Federico Cargnelutti http://blog.fedecarg.com/ @fedecarg
7 Pontikis http://www.pontikis.net/ @CPontikis
8 Six Revisions http://sixrevisions.com/ @sixrevisions
9 Ajaxian http://ajaxian.com/ @dalmaer
10 Programmable Web http://www.programmableweb.com/ @programmableweb
11 Martin Fowler Blog http://martinfowler.com/bliki/ @martinfowler
12 Eric Sink http://ericsink.com/ @eric_sink
13 The Daily WTF http://thedailywtf.com/ @RemyPorter
14 The UIE Brain Sparks http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/ @jmspool
15 Silk and Spinach http://silkandspinach.net/ @kevinrutherford
16 Ytechie http://www.ytechie.com/ @ytechie
17 Exploration through Example http://www.exampler.com/blog/ @marick
18 Specky Boy http://speckyboy.com/ @speckyboy
19 David Walsh http://davidwalsh.name/ @davidwalshblog
20 Smashing Magazine http://www.smashingmagazine.com @smashingmag
21 Paul Irish http://www.paulirish.com/ @paul_irish
22 Net Flix http://alistapart.com/ @alistapart
23 Scott’s Blog http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/about @scottgu
24 MountainGoat Software http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog @mikewcohn
25 Mind the Product http://www.mindtheproduct.com/ @MindTheProduct
26 Mark Needham http://www.markhneedham.com/blog/ @markhneedham
27 Belatrix http://blog.belatrixsf.com/ @BelatrixSF
28 Ycombinator https://news.ycombinator.com/ @ycombinator
29 Toptal Blog http://www.toptal.com/blog @toptalllc
30 Monster http://insidetech.monster.com/ @monster
31 Spiceworks http://community.spiceworks.com/ @spiceworks
32 Atlassian http://blogs.atlassian.com/ @atlassian
33 Udacity http://blog.udacity.com/ @udacity
34 IT World http://www.itworld.com/ @itworld
35 Code Guru http://www.codeguru.com/ @codeguru
36 Tom’s IT Pro http://www.tomsitpro.com/ @tomsitpro
37 CIO http://www.cio.com/category/consumer-technology @CIOonline
38 Software Testing Help http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/ @vijayshinde
39 DevX http://www.devx.com/ @devx_com
40 Eric Brown Blog http://ericbrown.com/ EricDBrown
41 Ron Jeffries http://ronjeffries.com/ @RonJeffries
42 Simple Programmer http://simpleprogrammer.com/ @jsonmez
43 CIO Insight http://www.cioinsight.com @CIOInsight
44 Less than dot http://lessthandot.com/ @LessThanDot
45 IT Career Finder http://www.itcareerfinder.com/ @ITCareerJuice
46 QA Area http://blog.qarea.com/ @QArea
47 Software Testing Class http://www.softwaretestingclass.com/ @mytestingclass
48 Virtuous Code http://devblog.avdi.org/ @avdi
49 Tim Anderson’s IT Writing http://www.itwriting.com/blog/ @timanderson
50 Software Specialists http://www.softwarespecialists.com/blog/ @SWSpecialists
51 Randall Degges http://www.rdegges.com/ @rdegges"
52 Project Manager http://projectmanager.com.au/ @ProjectMgr_au
53 Technoracle http://technoracle.blogspot.com.au/ @duanenickull
54 Software Development Today http://softwaredevelopmenttoday.com/ @duarte_vasco
55 Git Tower http://www.git-tower.com/blog/ @gittower
56 Henrik Kniberg http://blog.crisp.se/author/henrikkniberg @henrikkniberg
57 Daily JS http://dailyjs.com/ @dailyjs
58 Coding for interviews http://blog.codingforinterviews.com/ @interviewcoding
59 Dice http://insights.dice.com/ @DiceTechJobs
60 Jon Udell http://blog.jonudell.net/ @judell
61 Stack Exchange https://blog.stackexchange.com/ @StackExchange
62 Artima http://www.artima.com/weblogs/index.jsp?blogger=ward @WardCunningham
63 Cedric’s Web blogs http://beust.com/weblog/ @cbeust
64 Thoughtworks http://www.thoughtworks.com/blogs @thoughtworks
65 A Geek with a hat http://swizec.com/blog/ @Swizec
66 Construx http://www.construx.com/Blogs/ @stevemconstrux
67 Creative Chaos http://xndev.com/creative-chaos/ @mheusser
68 Secret Geek http://www.secretgeek.net/ @secretGeek
69 Dr.Dobbs http://www.drdobbs.com/blogs/ @dr_dobbs
70 Alistair Cockburn http://alistair.cockburn.us/Blog @TotherAlistair
71 Rothman http://www.jrothman.com/blog/mpd/ @johannarothman
72 Regular Geek http://regulargeek.com/ @robdiana
73 Jeff Sutherland Blog http://www.scruminc.com/scrum-blog/ @jeffsutherland
74 The Blog Ride http://blogs.tedneward.com/ @tedneward
75 Steven Harman Blog http://stevenharman.net/blog @stevenharman
76 The Art of Agile http://jamesshore.com/Blog/ @jamesshore
77 Pure Danger Tech http://tech.puredanger.com/ @puredanger
78 Reforming Project Management http://www.reformingprojectmanagement.com/ @HalMacomber
79 Jeff Patton’s Blog http://jpattonassociates.com/blog/ @jeffpatton
80 Code Squeeze http://codesqueeze.com/ @mpool
81 Tyner Blain Blog http://tynerblain.com/blog/ @sehlhorst
82 Coding the Architecture http://www.codingthearchitecture.com/ @simonbrown
83 Knowing. NET http://www.knowing.net/ @lobrien
84 Agile Advice http://www.agileadvice.com/ @AgileAdvice
85 Elegant Code http://elegantcode.com/ @ElegantCode
86 James Bach’s Blog http://www.satisfice.com/blog/ @jamesmarcusbach
87 Software By Rob http://www.softwarebyrob.com/ @robwalling
88 Lean Software Engineering http://leansoftwareengineering.com/ @corey_ladas
89 PM Think http://www.pmthink.com/ @pmthink
90 Agile Connection http://www.agileconnection.com/ @agileconn
91 Agile Developer http://blog.agiledeveloper.com/ @venkat_s
92 Bit Player http://bit-player.org/ @bit_player
93 My Secret Life as a Spaghetti Coder http://www.codeodor.com/ @codeodor
94 Scaling Software Agility https://scalingsoftwareagility.wordpress.com/ @Deanleffingwell
95 Thomas Guest http://wordaligned.org/ @thomasguest
96 Joshua Porter http://bokardo.com/ @bokardo
97 Pawel Broazinski http://brodzinski.com/ @pawelbrodzinski
98 Avail Agility http://availagility.co.uk/ @kjscotland
99 Lambda the Ultimate http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/ @lambda_ultimate
100 Nelly Yusupova http://www.digitalwoman.com/ @DigitalWoman

Hope this helps our fellow Product Managers, Engineers and Designers out there! It is possible that, we may have missed something interesting – if you feel so, please write to us on Twitter, and we’ll be happy to add your recommendation to the list, if it fits our criteria.

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