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127 Units of Blood Donated at Cygnets Annual Blood Donation Drive

Every year, Cygnet Infotech organizes a blood donation drive as a part of its CSR activities. This year, with the help of Gujarat branch of Indian Red Cross Society, we donated 127 units of blood. We began this initiative in 2010, and more and more employees have been coming forward to donate their blood every year.    

Blood Donation Camp

year, 106 employees had volunteered to donate their blood, while this year 127 people stepped forward for blood donation. This is our largest blood donation contribution till date, and it was kicked off by the first donor: our Managing Director, Mr. Niraj Hutheesing. Pleased with the tremendous response to the campaign, he said, “I am thrilled by the enthusiasm and love with which so many Cygnetians have taken part in the blood donation campaign. I appreciate their actions and am grateful to all the donors for their selfless actions.”    

Indian Red Cross Society’s team leader for the event, Mr. Viral Joshi, highlighted the issues faced his medical organizations in Gujarat, “We do not have enough blood donors in Gujarat. People in our community are averse to donating blood because of baseless fears and superstitions. And, this creates a big problem for the community as there is barely enough blood to meet the needs of emergency and regular patients. Gujarat also has over a thousand Thalassemia major children who need blood transfusion on a regular basis. So, receiving such a substantial quantity from Cygnet is highly appreciated.”    

Moved by a desire to help the children, several employees resolved to donate blood on a regular basis. Currently, out of 60% of eligible donors in India, less than 5% donate their blood. Some institutions estimate that while the country needs 40 million units every year, only 4 million are available. Cygnet Infotech is committed to make real contributions to the society, and by educating and encouraging our employees to donate blood and participate in other similar initiatives, we hope to inspire a sense of social responsibility and care in our organization.

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