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3 Common Higher Education Administration Headaches Cured by Simple CRM Implementation

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Education Crm Marketing Automation Final 2 453X340As a CEO or senior administrator of a Higher Education Institute, your job entails a lot more than just running a facility or a campus. You need to process a large number of candidates for a number of different departments. Processing even one candidate involves a lot of people, a lot of inputs and a large stack of paperwork. You also need to advertise and promote your educational institute to potential students, parents and alumni all over the country, or all over the world.

Add to this the different internal and external events you will have to organize. On top of this, engaging students individually and collectively, both online and offline, is also a requirement. And, as your scope of operation grows, you cannot continue to do things the old way.

A senior administrator at one of US leading education wanted us to help with CRM implementation & business automation. He outlined the key problems:

We have an extensive cycle for different phases related to our training program: inviting nominations, vetting applicants, informing rejected and selected candidates, processing payments, and more. Each phase in the cycle involves several administrators, nominees, candidates and others, and generates lot of information at disparate points. We were spending way too much time and money tracking forms and Excel sheets and realized that we were too big to keep on doing things in the same way.

More likely than not, you too are suffering from a similar set of problems. Here’s how customizing and implementing a CRM can help you overcome some of the key problems:

1. Data Spread All Over? Get all Information at your Fingertips

Data Integration Final 500X289

This is one the core benefits of a CRM. Too many colleges and institutes have several departments working independently. Many a times, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is up to. There is a chance that you still get some forms filled in paper, and they will have no digital record. It is also possible that different departments use different systems for gathering and storing information. A CRM can help integrate, analyze and make any other use of the data that is gathered at disparate points.

After charting clear workflows for all the activities that an institute needs to undertake, the process of data gathering can be rationalized. Implementing CRM with a clear understanding of the processes, after this exercise, ensures that administrators and other stakeholders have all the information they need at their fingertips. Not only does this foster collaboration between different departments, but also automates a lot of reporting & analytics activities.

In addition, getting a clear overview of data from all parts of your organization will help you plan a future marketing strategy driven by real data. While the initial process may require a lot of thinking, it will help you identify and remove any kinks from your existing processes.

2. Worried about Admin Workload? Reduce Admin Efforts & Costs

Crmadmin CollegeWith CRM, you can get forms filled online, and all the data is stored in the format you want. Whether it is student applications, teacher evaluation or any other activity that involves filling up forms – it can all be automated. This frees up the admin resources. Similarly, payment processing can be tied to the CRM, freeing up the administrators for more core tasks.

Easy access to all data through the websites, quick report generation features, automated payment processing and other facilities simplifies the task of administrators and reduces the time spent in such routine tasks drastically. With the right team of developers, you can automate or semi-automate majority of repetitive admin tasks and save tons of time and effort.

3. Need to better Engage Students, Alumni, and Donors?  

Personalize your Marketing with a CRM solution, you can personalize your web presence, segment different kinds of audience, serve targeted advertisements and content and easily follow a tailored marketing approach. Plus, you can easily create configurable applications for different kinds of users.

But that’s not all: the CRM can function as a portal for all students, alumni, donor and teacher interactions with the educational institution. Needless to say, such a software also automates email marketing, enabling education institutes to reach larger audience with reduced human effort. For institutes offering distance-learning course with an online component, this can simplify and streamline the most tedious processes.

These are just some of the ways in which CRM and Business Automation can help education institutes. If you are wondering how it can help solve the specific problems you are facing, feel free to get in touch with our experts. We would love to help you.

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