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30 Twitter Feeds Every QA Manager Must Follow

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People across the world use  Twitter to stay connected to the  online world. Today,  conventional RSS feed reader has  been replaced by Twitter  accounts. It brings the quick  headlines, links to the stories  and the ability to pay more  attention on the information  that matters most for us.

More ‘n’ more people from  different business domains  prefer to use Twitter to get  relevant information, and it  could be a valuable tool for  even the QA managers and testers  to stay up to date on all the  latest news and technology  trends in software testing or  QA. Of course, it could  bring worthy information for the  QA professionals, but only if  they follow the leaders in the  industry.

Finding and following the  right kind of people on Twitter  could be time consuming stuff,  and that’s why we’ve invested  time and efforts to create the list of  top 30 Twitter feeds all QA  managers and test engineers  should follow!

1.  @testingclub:  twitter.com/testingclub

Testingclub Twitter account  brings the same quality of  information that we usually  expect from the site of software  testing club. It’s a  professional community of the  software testing with 8979  followers and 8413 tweets! If  you follow them, you will get  consistent flow of latest  testing news from the community  of testers over the  softwaretestingclub!

2. @SoftwareTestPro: twitt er.com/SoftwareTestPro

Follow SoftwareTestPro to get  all the hip and happening  information of the testing and  QA community. From software  testing events to magazine and  forum updates, one can get  access to all the feeds by  following this twitter feed  account. Even if you are looking  to get some handy tips on  software testing, this  SoftwareTestPro is a cool option  that every QA engineer and  manager should follow.

3. @uTest: twitter.com/uTe st

uTest is currently one of the  largest places for the software  testing services with more than  18.8K followers. If you wish to  get minute-to-minute update or  latest information software  testing, the uTest Twitter feed  is just for you

4. @uTest  Community: twitter.com/uTestComm unity

uTest Community is nothing,  but a part of uTest and soon it  is going to be named uTest.  Whether it is about testing  related discussions, QA  resources and tools or anything  else related to testing, you  will find top quality content  during a day on this Twitter  feed.

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5. @TestingNews: twitter.c om/TestingNews

Initiated and managed by QTP  book, @TestingNews is a  resourceful and a must follow  twitter feed to keep abreast  with information about the  software testing using QTP. QA  manager and engineers can browse  over its 40k+ tweets and also  get in touch with over 2335  followers to get latest news and  updates related to software  testing especially about  QTP.

6. @QAJournal: twitter.com /QAJournal

If you’re interested in  upcoming testing technologies,  software testing trends and  software development  methodologies like Agile,  QAJournal feeds is all you need  to follow. Their ultimate goal  is to make the users more aware  about technologies and software  testing trends.

7. @ReQtest: twitter.com/R eQtester

Are you looking for a means  to test and manage bugs over the  cloud through your browser? The  ReQtest uses this Twitter  account to educate QA  professionals on how they can  access and track bug immediately  through cloud anytime, anywhere!  They share a lot of useful  articles and tips that is worth  sharing with your QA team.

8. @Testuff: twitter.com/T estuff

If you are interested to  manage and execute manual and  automated software tests, you  must take a look at this twitter  feed. It gathers all sorts of  information and headlines from  Testuff.

9. @BadTesting: twitter.co m/BadTesting

Worried about raising  software bugs and IT security?  If the answer is yes, this  twitter feed is all you need to  follow. It brings a whole host  of information related to the  software testing, social media,  IT security and other useful  information for you on daily  basis!

10. @esconfs: twitter.com/ esconfs

It’s an official Twitter  account of EuroSTAR software  testing community. Being a top  notch software testing knowledge  network in the Europe, it brings  all sorts of latest community  news, upcoming events and other  useful testing stuff from the  expert community of  professionals at your  fingertips!

11. @TestingCircus: twitter.com/TestingCircus

Testing Circus is the world’s  leading English language  magazine for the software  testers and test enthusiasts  across the globe. It maintains  and makes available monthly  edition of magazine for the  testers. It also brings articles  or posts on testing from the  huge community of testers.

12. @testmagazine: twitter .com/testmagazine

Want to sharpen your testing  skills? Want to know ABC of  software testing? If yes, you  must follow this twitter feed.  TEST Magazine is bi-monthly  based publication that focuses  on the processes, technologies,  strategies and opinions  surrounding the software testing  arena.

13. @QATestLab: twitter.co m/QATestLab

If you are dealing with  mobile app testing, automated  testing or regression testing,  you should spare time and go  through this Twitter feed. It  gathers all of the software  testing information including  mobile app testing, automated  testing using QTP/Selenium,  Regression/functional/installati on/security or performance  testing into one convenient  place.

14. @usertesting: twitter. com/usertesting

Want to know how to spice up  the user experience on your  website? Following this twitter  feed will help you a lot with  the daily dose of useful details  on workshops, training and posts  on user experience and  usability.

15. @TtimewidTesters: twit ter.com/TtimewidTesters

Tea-time with testers, is the  largest-circulated software  testing monthly across the  globe. Whether you are looking  for software testing theories,  thoughts or contents from the  popular authors, following this  twitter feed will make it easy  to get the information in your  hands!

16. @TestingConcepts: twit ter.com/TestingConcepts

Want to get every minute  update on software testing? This  twitter feed would help you get  daily updates on software  testing in the form of  tutorials, blogs and articles on  software testing, automation  testing and manual testing.

17. @TesterNewsToday: twit ter.com/TesterNewsToday

It is a bible for the  software testers looking for  useful information and news  about software testing trends  and technologies. By scanning  more than 55k sources on the  daily basis via BuzzTalk, Tester  news today brings news and blogs  related to the software  testing!

18. @QAInsights: twitter.c om/QAInsights

Looking for free online  tutorials on software testing?  No need to look further than  this twitter feed! All you’ve to  do is to start following it and  you will be pleased to get  online tutorials on software  testing and automation tools  like QTP, LoadRunner and more on  the go.

19. @testingmag: twitter.c om/testingmag

Not getting enough resources  or information on unit,  functional, performance or load  testing? Don’t miss to check out  this twitter feed. It brings a  whole host of latest news,  knowledge and resources on unit,  functional, performance and load  testing.

20. @Web_App_Testing: twit ter.com/Web_App_Testing

Sharpen your web app testing  knowledge and skills by  following Web App Testing. It  brings news about browsers,  operating systems, web  protocols, online apps, mobile  sites and a lot more.

21. @WTAmericas: twitter.c om/WTAmericas

Whether it is about UX  testing basics, testing session  with expert or latest news bugs  or reporting tools, you will  find everything under one roof @  Weekend testing. If you follow  them, you will a steady stream  of software testing news or  feeds straight from the experts  over weekend testing.

22. @SmartBear: twitter.co m/SmartBear

SmartBear brings all the  latest news, comments and useful  information on various testing  and QA products like  TestComplete, QAComplete,  AQtimePro and more from the  SmartBear!

23. @NGTConf: twitter.com/ NGTConf

Get every minute update on  UNICOM’s World’s conference Next  Generation Testing Conference by  following this twitter  feed.

24. @TechWell: twitter.com /TechWell

Software testing field is  changing rapidly and gaining  insights or observing latest  stories from the social media  experts like Sandy Sidhu could  be quite useful for the testers.  And Techwell brings all the  fresh and insightful stories for  the software professionals.

25. @SoftwareTestTT: twitt er.com/SoftwareTestTT

If you are a regular visitor  of TechTarget’s Search Software  Quality, then you must  definitely follow  @SoftwareTestTT which provides  important QA and testing  information from the  TechTarget’s resources covering  all aspects of the development  lifecycle, including models,  requirements, testing and QA and  more.

26. @TestingExcel: twitter .com/TestingExcel

How about getting deep  insights of various software  testing scenarios with real life  examples or case studies and  white papers? Of course, it is  tempting for any QA professional  and that’s what you can get by  following this twitter feed.  Starting from articles, blogs,  white papers and tutorials, it  brings every piece of  information at your  fingertips!

27. @BugHuntress: twitter. com/BugHuntress

Whether it is about a mobile  app, web applications, desktop  applications or anything else,  you will find every piece of  information on testing of any  kind of applications and make it  bug free by following this  twitter feed from the leading  software testing company Bug  Huntress.

28. @LondonTester: twitter .com/LondonTester

Software testing jobs are  hard to find and if you’re in  hunt for a job, this twitter  feed is all you need. It helps  QA professionals to find desired  jobs on the go! It easily  connects recruiters with the  professionals and experienced  community of the testers!

29. @codeship: twitter.com /codeship

Looking for information on  continuous integration and  deployment as Software-as-a- service? Bookmark this twitter  account or start following it  now! It usually writes various  blog posts on continuous  integration and continuous  deployment, software testing and  test-driven development.

30. @itestingwhiz: twitter .com/itestingwhiz

Looking for getting  information or latest updates on  code-less test automation  solution, cross-browser testing,  regression testing or any other  stuff related to the test  automation? Follow this twitter  feed to get every minute update  on the leading test automation  tool Testingwhiz  consort with all the latest  information or posts on code- less test automation from the  industry experts.

Our QA and testing team  members find these feeds pretty  useful, and we hope that they  will be helpful to you too!

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