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4 iOS11 Updates that will raise a “Thought Storm” in Appreneurs Mind!

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Fade in:

It is June 5th 2017,

Tim Cook is welcoming the crowd at WWDC keynote 2017 with, “Good Morning, welcome to WWDC, it’s great to be back in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley and right down to street from Apple, in our new campus”

Fade out:

The journey of awesomeness began right after that scene when Tim Cook started making announcements about how Apple’s iOS 10 was better than Android and some awesome Apple watch updates. When Craig Federighi came on stage to discuss iOS 11’s Key features, it was amazing to listen to the opportunities that iOS 11 presented with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.  But, as soon as the session progressed, it all felt like a Déjà vu from February 2011.

Apple’s User Centric announcements felt like Google Panda update which also was made to improve the User Engagement. The update penalized thousands of websites that were nothing more than Content Farms and were enjoying the traffic with unethical black hat activities.

While Apple’s role out of iOS 11 might not be that damaging to the current applications, but its urge to improve User Engagement has surely raised some eyebrows. Go through the updates that needs a serious consideration and might even lead to complete change of your development and marketing strategies:

1. If Your App is Still in 32 bit, it’s not FIT!

 Apple made an announcement saying that all the applications built in 32 bit will not be supported in iOS 11. So, the message was clear, if you can’t update your app, you will be outdated! This does not mean your app will be removed completely, but it is an alarm for the enterprises to make a transition from 32 bit to 64 bit.

2. Your User and App Notification Cannot Co-travel

To make User’s safety a priority, iOS 11 came with an update called “Do Not Disturb!”. This means that, if a user is travelling, iOS 11 will block all the notifications so that the user is not distracted (users have a choice to disable the feature and can also keep on manual). There are numerous applications that has a marketing strategy of giving out discount coupons that are time sensitive, like, “Get exclusive discount of additional 10% for next 2 hours!” Now, if a user is travelling, these notifications will fall on deaf ears.

Also, the apps that are trying to attract customers using the geo-fences and beacons, where they send push notifications to the users when they are nearby store area. they will also face a lot of problems if their users are in Do Not Disturb mode.

3. Application will always leave a clue, when the status bar turns Blue!

To increase the transparency about the location-data, Apple just gave the power to the users to get a clear view about when the App is tracking its location. Every time an app is tracking the location of the user, the user will be shown a blue status bar to inform the user about the same. Though this update does not apply to the apps that have given permission to always track their location, many applications might lose the trust and credibility as user might not be happy about the app tracking their location.

4. The App Reviews just turned into an “Out of the League” Diva!

It’s cliché, but so is Apple’s new App review policy. It has made it easier for users to review an app by rolling out App Store Rating APIs, now users can rate an application without the need to leave the application. But the sad part for the Marketing guys is that Apple compelled the developers to use Apple’s default app store rating prompt. This review prompt can only be shown Three or Fewer times per Customer each YEAR! And that is not it, if a user has rated an app once, he/she will not receive any prompt for next one Year!

Apple’s agenda here is clear: They want to shift the power into the hands of the users. If your app fails to update, it will definitely be outdated! These steps are taken to improve user engagement and are forcing the appreneurs to take a “User-First” approach. Not only Apple, we at Cygnet also believe in taking a User Centric development approach to deliver iOS Mobile Applications that are scalable and future proof! If you need to update your app according to the new iOS 11 updates, just Click Here.

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