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5 Things Enterprises Must Know about Windows 10

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Microsoft has finally announced its new operating system. Surprisingly, after Windows 8, instead of Windows 9, the version is known as Windows 10. It’s not been rolled out for public: it is an unveiling for technical preview. Developers can participate in the Windows Insider Program.


But there’s a lot about the new version that takes it on a different path and the more prominent version name is understandable. Here are five of the biggest features that Windows 10 brings to businesses:

1. Enterprise Ready:

In good news for enterprise admins, Windows 10 makes it easier for IT managers to customize devices and app stores. In addition to simplifying deployment and management through in-place upgrades from Windows 7 and 8, the new version addresses cloud-first and mobile-first scenarios by providing built-in MDM facilities.

2. Familiar Interface:

In an age where the workforce in most government and corporate entities is most familiar with the standard, pre-Windows 8 interface, the coming back of the start menu will make it easy for CIOs and CTOs to encourage their organization to adopt the new operating system.

3. Oneness – Product, Platform and Store:

Windows 10 adapts to the devices that you are using. A unified app store from which a wide range of devices – including smartphones, tablets, PCs and other gadgets – will become easier as a result. And there’s some good news for IT managers: you can develop an app just once and deploy it across devices; universal app development is a lot simpler.

4. Enhanced Security:

IT managers can easily bifurcate the user base and roll out updates as per their convenience. New security, identity and data protection features are built into the system. There are simply and easily deployable options for protecting data throughout the systems as well as on individual devices.

5. Better Multitasking:

Improvement in Snap will allow employees to work with multiple apps at the same time. Apps built primarily for touch interface will also open on desktops – in a separate window. Users will be able to create separate desktops on their system.

Cygnet is Ready for Windows 10 – And We Can Help You

Windows 10 is a big update, and web and desktop apps can benefit tremendously from the new features. As it is a big update, compatibility issues may crop up in some instances.

Microsoft application development is one of our core competencies, and we can assist you to upgrade your applications to Windows 10. Our QA & Testing experts will ensure that they perform smoothly on the new operating system. 

If you want to build applications for Windows 10, our application development team can help you, and we can also help you enhance your existing applications and exploit the latest features.


Need any assistance? Get in touch with us to get an obligation-free consultation today!

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