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    15 2015

    5 Things to Consider While Hiring an iPhone App Development Company

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    Which is the most iconic phone in the world? Most people will answer iPhone. Despite stiff competition in the market and a plethora of handset manufacturers trying to grab buyers' attention, Apple and its iPhone has not lost its supremacy. The main reason behind iPhone's popularity is the hundreds and thousands of apps it offers to its users. There are plenty of attentive phones in the market, but when it comes to apps offered, none can beat iPhone, not even any popular Android phone. 

    Most of the business organizations, whether they offer products or services, have realized the power and potential of apps and are investing in app development to satisfy their customers. Apps have become the new flag bearer of a company's corporate identity. Just like we can't imagine a company without a website and logo, soon we will start considering a custom app an indispensable part of a company's online persona.

    Business enterprises search for professional iPhone app developers to add life to their dream. There are dozens of app development companies in every major city, but sometimes too much of anything creates confusion. Though there are so many options, the selection process becomes highly complicated as you don't know which firm is telling the truth and which one is making false promises. If you are confused, here are a few tips that will help you identify a reliable app development company.

    1. Portfolio:  Any firm can say we are the best, but the quality of work tells you the truth. Hence, while surfing app development companies' websites, check their portfolio and if possible, contact their past clients to verify that they have actually done the project. You can also download their apps from the iTunes store and inspect the UI design, smoothness, functionalities etc. to get an impartial view of the developers' expertise.

    2. Experience matters: iPhone app development is a relatively new field of technology but still, you should hire a company that has some experience in app development. Experienced companies handle complicated projects confidently and discover a solution for technical issues quite fast.

    3. Technical knowhow:  Once you shortlist 2-3 companies, fix an appointment with their developers and explain your requirements. Let them explain their work process and you will automatically understand which company has the best skill set. Ask a few questions about their deployment strategy, upgrade process etc. and the true qualification of developers will be revealed.

    4. Communication is crucial: For any iPhone app development project, communication between service provider and client is highly essential. Ask your chosen firm how they communicate, whether they employ any project management tool or not, when do they schedule meeting and to whom you can send your feedbacks. It's very important to know the team leaders' names because you have to make sure that your feedbacks reach the right person and the job is done accordingly.

    5. Pricing: This is the last but most important deciding factor and let me tell you that lower cost does not make a company an obvious choice. You should pick a firm that offers all the required services (app development, deployment, upgrade and technical support) and also fits within your budget. Never compromise on quality to save a few dollars.

    I have come across a blog on LinkedIn about the top 10 Mobile app development companies in India.  Hope it helps. 

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