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6 C’s of M-Learning that Drive Effectiveness in the Education Industry

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The education industry today is slowly coming out of the conventional methods of learning and teaching. Due to the want of new models and fresh frameworks to accommodate the evolving needs of learners and avoid losing touch with current and potential audience, the industry is exploring and embracing high tech learning & training methodologies. This has changed the entire education process and the way colleges, universities and educational institutes deliver learning services.

This ubiquitous receptiveness of technology and innovation in the education industry has paved the way for mobility. Global institutions are now realizing the potentials of mobile technology to transform the way knowledge is shared. Moreover, the teachers and students of todays’ time have become more technology savvy, who love to access learning resources from anywhere, anytime.

It is also interesting here to note that apart from college going males and females and middle-aged professionals who are increasingly using smartphones and tablets for studying and gathering knowledge, toddlers and kindergarten students are as comfortable with touchscreens as they are with physical books.

Mobiles are considered highly comfortable, convenient and compact method of learning in today’s time. Besides, they provide the most effective, fast and powerful learning experience. Consequently, many higher educational institutes have started giving equal importance to mobile learning or m-learning implementation strategy as other strategies.

Let us see the different ways in which mobile learning drive effectiveness for the educational industry. They are presented as 6 C's.


With mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, smartphones and tablets, institute owners and training authorities can easily circulate the learning resources, application forms, college brochures, curriculum information among students and learners allowing them to easily access the data from anywhere, anytime.


With mobile-enabled learning, the students and instructors can communicate easily beyond the physical walls of classrooms and labs. It also allows authorities to manage, modify and communicate the information about students, courseware, attendance and enrollment with simple taps on the go.


Mobile technology lets institutes capture educational resources and information related to a particular curriculum from multiple sources and helps expanding the knowledge banks and ongoing learning beyond the scope of the conventional classrooms.

A Case in point: A USA-based company working with medical study institutes developed a dedicated e-learning application for iPhone and iPad devices. Read the case study here

4. Collaborate

M-learning also promotes real-time and practical collaboration wherein students and trainers engage and share information and ideas with just a few touches. It provides the most easy and intuitive way to keep in touch with counterparts and keep them updated about the exam results, ongoing courses, internal assignments, competitions and many more.

5. Contribute

Mobile learning in integration with social media and other tools can provide the best opportunity for learners and teachers to contribute to the community as a whole and engage with fellow audience for related content, events and programs which take education to the next level.

6. Customize

With M-learning, institutes can also offer digitized and online programs to students who do not wish to attend classrooms and customize them based on their requirements and area of interests.

The combination of these 6 C’s of mobile learning opens new doors of opportunities for the students, tutors and education institute owners to contribute in the big picture. A simple adoption of mobile technology considering these 6C’s can make the learning and education practices more effective, transparent and responsive.

Want an assistance to implement mobile-enabled learning in your institute? Get in touch with us.

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