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    15 2015

    7 Actionable Tips for Minimizing Shopping Cart Abandonment and Boosting Online Sales

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    High shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest annoyances in the life of an online store administrator. You have to do everything right to funnel visitors to your site and get them interested in your products. When your visitors add products to their shopping cart, all your ecommerce web designing and sales optimization activities are vindicated.

    But, if you see high shopping cart abandonment, and 55-75% of all your customers abandon their carts and leave your website, you have a right to be annoyed. In fact, most ecommerce websites lose more than half of their customers at the last stage. Why does this happen? Let's take a quick look at the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment:

    • Complicated Checkout Process
    • High Shipping Costs
    • Long Shipping Duration
    • Forced Registrations - No Guest Checkout
    • Lack of Payment Options
    • Security and Privacy Concerns
    • Insufficient Product Information
    • Product Unavailable
    • Long, detailed forms
    • Casual Customers Just Looking Around

    These are the more likely culprits. While you cannot do much in case of the large percentage of users that are just browsing around, there are many ways you can minimize the impact of other factors. Is there anything that an ecommerce website owner can do to minimize shopping cart abandonment?

    Here are seven actionable tips that will help you reduce cart abandonment significantly.

    Keep the Checkout Process Simple

    Online buyers do not like to fill long forms, and they do not tolerate a long checkout process. One reason behind Amazon's popularity is their one-button, single-click checkout process. Make the checkout process as simple and speedy as possible - don't do things that make the users rethink their decision. Also, make sure that the pages load fast.

    Offer Free Shipping, Ship Fast

    High shipping prices can act as a deal breaker. So, if possible, offer free shipping. Customers are also impatient - if the shipping duration is long, they may abandon the cart and try some other online store. But, as long as the shipping rates and durations are clearly mentioned up-front, this won't cause cart abandonment. However, if you slyly add shipping costs to the total cost at the end of the purchasing process, many users will leave and never come back.

    Guest Checkout

    Too many online websites try to force registration upon their users. There are manybenefits if your buyers register with your store, but no one likes to fill a form and register when their only wish is to buy something quick and leave. So, ask the buyers to register after they have made the payment. Don't make it a precondition.

    Proper Product Display and Information

    To attract clients, you need beautiful product photographs or product demo videos. But, that is not enough. You also need to offer enough details about a product. Product descriptions go a long way in helping visitors make purchase decisions. Also, mention clearly whether the product is in stock or not.

    Highlight Security Features

    Online shoppers are keenly aware of the need for security while making payment online. And, most of us are afraid of getting swindled by phising websites. So, you need to give clear signals about your trustworthiness. Show clearly that the payment is being made on a SSL. Also, show display your contact information and Sales & Returns policy prominently.  

    Keep the Carts Alive

    Just because someone has abandoned a cart doesn't mean that they do not want to buy the goods. There is a slight chance that they will come back to your website and buy the goods. So, it is best tokeep the shopping cart alivefor at least a few weeks. So, when the users come back to your website, they can start right from where they had left off and quickly buy the products.

    Email Visitors to Come Back

    Emails are very effective at getting customers back to your ecommerce site. An email reminder to people who have abandoned their carts can get them back on your website. Many and times, people abandon carts for reasons that have nothing to do with your website. In such cases, a reminder can prove very helpful to users and can help you make a sale.

    Cygnet Infotech is leading ecommerce development company, and we provide complete ecommerce solutions to make online shopping smooth and comfortable experience for your customers. Get in touch with us if you want to take your ecommerce store to the next level.

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