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7 Must-Have Features for your Online Automotive Showroom

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It is unlikely that we will see online ecommerce car showrooms replace the brick-and-mortar establishments. After all, buying a car is a big investment for most individuals, and very few are likely to buy one simply after online research. However, it is a fact that most buyers conduct extensive online research to compare car models, to compare prices and to search for the closest car dealerships.

In addition to selling cars, servicing cars and selling equipment is another huge part of an automotive company’s business. And there are several other routine actions related to both, that can be automated or digitized by building an ecommerce store. So, if you are running an automotive business and want to dominate the market with a smart web presence, here are seven features that you can implement.

1) Car Search:

Allow your potential customers to search cars by models, year of manufacture, brand, cost, vehicle type, and other relevant search categories. Offer clear information on the price, load options and EMI and color options too. There are many ideas you can take from independent portals that exist exclusively for this purpose. Check out how the folks at Car Dekho do it:

7 Must Have Features For Your Online Automotive Showroom

2) Car Customizer:

If you provide your customers the option to customize cars, a car customizer application can add a lot of value to the user’s experience and increase the chances of the user preferring you. Check out how Ford does it. They even have a mobile app for it! Such a feature makes the user sell the idea to himself.

3) Equipment Catalog and Sales:

More likely than you have tens of thousands of spare parts in your catalogue. If you haven’t already, the first step is to get all the products online and make then easy to search. The next step is to enable the users to place order and pay for the spare parts online.

4) Integration with Inventory:

When you begin selling a large number of auto parts online, it is imperative that you integrate the online store with your inventory management store. This will help you automate the process: stock information will be displayed on the store in real time, while any orders placed online will find their way to your inventory, ordering, billing and shipping modules. The process of integration will enable you to centralize your processes.

5) User Dashboards:

You can create personalized dashboards on your websites for registered customers as well as Partners – these sections can display real-time information on order history, billing, and more. Customers can access Quick Pay, Quick Order and other features through this dashboard. Such a dashboard can also serve as a place to display targeted ads and offers.

6) Services Processing:

While users may decide what cars they want to buy through online research, once they have brought the car, the services and repairs will always happen physically. You can customize or build an application that enables your customers to take most steps related to car service online – this digitization will reduce the time & effort spent on paper-based processes.

Such an application could help: 1. Book services, 2. choose add-on services on top of basic service menu, 3. Get service cost estimate, 4. Locate Closest Service Centers 5. Get automated services reminders, and more. See how Peugeot does it:

7 Must Have Features For Your Online Automotive Showroom 1

7) Mobile Optimization

A number of your users may choose to access the website on their mobiles – for this is important for to you to build a website that is accessible on mobiles. So, it’s best to build a responsive website. However, you can also build a mobile app instead. 


There’s a lot of scope for automotive companies to expand online. And, the benefits are not just restricted to huge car manufactures – smaller players can also increase sales and offer better services to customers by investing in an online car store.

If you want to dig into the details and find out how this can help achieve your specific business objectives, please talk with us. We would be happy to help you.

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