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8 Tips for Effective Migration to SharePoint 2013

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With SharePoint 2013 in the market, along with a plethora of good reviews, organizations bucking up for SharePoint Migration is not a surprise. SharePoint 2013 brings along a set of goodies that might just help you organize your business better.

At the same time, jumping on to migration, without proper planning and coordination could also turn out to be a not so good idea. No two minds in the fact that SharePoint 2013 upgrade has come with its own set of benefits, yet, it is also essential to be calculative while initiating the Migration process. Below are a few tips that could be very helpful while planning the migration.

1. Consider the option of Not Migrating and the Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint 2013 over your previous system.

Just because there is a new toy in the market, doesn't necessarily mean there is a need for migration to the same. Weigh the option of:

  • Your Current System
  • Missing features and the availability of the same in SharePoint 2013 and the necessity of those in your business
  • Cost- Benefit Analysis with respect to your business

2. Prior Requirements and Planning for SharePoint 2013 Migration.

Once you have decided to Migrate to SharePoint 2013, analyse the system requirements from your end. Take it as an individual project and critically go through all the pre-requisites.

  • A 64-bit IT environment needs to be in place, including the Operating system as well as the SQL Server.
  • An important question that arises here is the extent to which you want to take up the migration; the entire organization at a time or just a few areas with dire necessities.
  • It is also necessary to see to it that the existing content be carefully migrated and that there is no data loss in the process.
  • The current site Architecture and Taxonomy must be well defined and adaptable to Share Point 2013.

3. Customization Requirements.

Check if your organization requires any customization in the SharePoint 2013 Migration. Some of the areas of Customization can be:

  • Binaries (Layouts and Features)
  • Solutions
  • Installation Dir
  • Homedir
  • GAC, Etc.

4. Schedule of Migration.

Do you plan to do it all at once or it is a phase by phase planning?

Planning to complete the entire migration set up in go can be time consuming, rendering your users handicapped of some critical data until the process is complete. Though the migration process can easily be carried out post office hours, it may cause some inconvenience, especially in the 24*7 working environment. Conducting the migration process step by step might help you prevent the disturbance in work flow.

5. Budget Allocation.

IT Infrastructure and development costs really high these days. Unless, you have allocated a proper budget for each and every minor requirement of migration, it can end up causing more troubles. Treating the SharePoint migration as a key individual project and organizing scheduled cost inputs for the same is essential for smooth migration.

6. Man power planning.

It is not possible for that single IT guy in the office to carry out the entire migration process. A team of skilled techie personnel is required for the entire project. A qualified Microsoft Partner can also be consulted to assist in the migration.

7. Test, Implement & Validate.

Test upgrade the SharePoint 2013 using Beta bits if available before finally implementing the system. Validate the upgrade from time to time, whenever available.

8. Communication and Training.

Communicate properly with the end user regarding the migration. Upgrading to a new system has its own pros and cons. Provide a proper technical training to the users to avoid difficulties and make the most out of your upgrade!

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